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Bob's Burgers Season 11 Copa-Bob-bana Review: Smooth Jazz, Old Friends

The third episode of FOX's Bob's Burgers, "Copa-Bob-bana," brought us further into the world of season 11 with Bob's obsession with the finer kitchens in life, Linda's love of song, and the Belcher kid's love of planning and mischief. The episode brought a few characters back into our lives, such as Regular-Sized Rudy, Zeke, Jimmy Jr., Mickey, Felix, Mr. Fischoeder,  Jen the babysitter, and the great duo of Andy & Ollie. Audiences got to see Felix go insane again through his somewhat crazed attempt at putting together a '20s style nightclub while Mr. Fischoeder looks to duet a song on the jazz stage.

Bob's Burgers S11E03 Gave Us Jazz And Returning Favorites
Bob dreams of playing jazz. Source: FOX

While Linda wants to join that same stage and share the duet, Bob can be seen drooling over fine French kitchenware and attempting not to spill secrets (he's terrible at it). On the other hand, the kids aren't being controlled by Jen, she tends to be controlled by them, as Louise leads the group to host a pool party in the basement… cozy. Bob's Burgers doesn't disappoint with this episode, in both comedic wit and character development.

The chaotic energy in this episode is what I've loved about Bob's Burgers in past seasons, the fun ups and downs of comedic bits.  The kids' efforts to prove to their friends that they have a fun home life put beside the hopes of nightclub escapades for Linda & Bob resulted in another fun journey in two parts. The characters are placed well in situations with people like Felix and Mr. Fischoeder, we've seen this in past episodes such as the kids attempting to run a casino in the basement or Bob joining a weird gingerbread house competition with the Fischoeder brothers.

Bob had to deal with the acceptance of his own kitchen being enough for him, but audiences always are there for the Belcher family. They cheer for the family doing the best they can and living a life of fun and adventure in many ways. The next episode of Bob's Burgers is the Halloween one! So look out for the next review/recap, and let us know how you liked the episode by leaving us a comment down below!

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