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Brawl In? CM Punk and Jack Perry in Rumored "Physical Confrontation"

Comrades, it's Brawl Out 2 at AEW All In! CM Punk and Jack Perry clash off the stage; the real fight is often off the mat! Get the spicy details here!

Greetings, comrades! It is I, El Presidente, reporting to you live from my private yacht moored just off the coast of the United States, cleverly disguised as a floating McDonald's restaurant, to keep the CIA at bay. Ah, the aroma of capitalist burgers sizzling on my socialist grill! But let's put aside this delightful irony, my friends, and dive into the turbulent waters of AEW All In; where heated encounters do not remain confined to the staged fight but spill over into real-life squabbles!

CM Punk drops a pipe bomb on the AEW All Out media scrum
CM Punk drops a pipe bomb on the AEW All Out media scrum

Today, we discuss the latest backstage tumult, affectionately dubbed Brawl Out 2: Brawl In, a spicy sequel to last year's infamous melee. Our beloved anti-capitalist heroes CM Punk and Jack Perry, talented wrestlers and warriors of their own sense of justice, apparently were involved in a "physical confrontation" before Punk made his entrance in the opening match of AEW All In.

Ah comrades, I cannot help but feel a certain camaraderie with Punk. I, too, have often been embroiled in verbal battles before my grand appearances, like that unforgettable time when Kim Jong-il and I staged an impromptu sumo wrestling contest before addressing the Annual Dictators' Gala, a story for another time…

The seed of this contention seems to have been sown during Perry's match against Hook at the All In Zero Hour pre-show. Perry's sarcastic remark, "It's real glass, cry me a river," was seemingly a mocking reference to Punk's reported admonishment to Perry for wanting to involve "real glass" in a stunt at AEW Collision earlier this year.

While comrade Sean Ross Sapp of has yet to indulge us with the juicy details of the ordeal, knowing Punk's history, we might well expect the post-show press conference to evolve into a thrilling spectacle, and perhaps the true main event! Let's hope no one hands Punk a live mic or a box of muffins, and that FTR had to go through metal detectors before entering the building. Haw haw haw haw!

Perry may have lost his FTW Championship match against Hook, but that didn't seem to dent his spirit or his tongue. Meanwhile, Punk won his match against Samoa Joe, retaining the illegitimate belt he earned before Brawl Out led to his suspension and the stripping of his title. But in Punk's rebellious heart, he still holds "The Real AEW World Championship."

Remember, comrades, in life as in wrestling, the real fight is often off the stage. Though we may cheer for staged confrontations, it is in the backstage melees and press conference brawls where life imitates art. Keep this in mind, and perhaps you too will someday be able to enjoy hamburgers on a socialist grill while making the CIA scratch their heads in baffled amusement.

Until next time, comrades, keep your eyes open and noses tuned for more wrestling gossip! It is your faithful El Presidente, signing off from the floating bastion of capitalism, or as I like to call it, "The People's Yacht.

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