Where in The World Is 'Carmen Sandiego'? Netflix for Season 2!

Good news, fellow adventurers! Netflix is staying hot on Carmen SanDiego's trail, renewing the popular animated series for a second season. Aside from now officially knowing that Carmen and her crew will be back for a second round and that production should begin soon, not much else is known so far about the upcoming sophomore season.

Hopefully this will give the show a chance to smooth out some of the rough bits that the first season ran into (and that we address in our review here) As a nostalgia series alone, Carmen Sandiego still has huge potential (like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) – it just needs to decide what its target demographic is and concentrate on them.carmen sandiego season 2

NetflixNetflix's Carmen SanDiego tells the backstory on the titular thief and her band of friends who help her pull off heists of artifacts before evil "big bad" organization V.I.L.E. gets to use them in way-less-than-friendly ways.

The cast includes Gina Rodriguez as Carmen and Finn Wolfhard as Player, her computer hacker "eye in the sky". Joining them are Liam O'BrienMary Elizabeth McGlynn, and more as the "teachers" of V.I.L.E. Academy and the evil organization. A big storyline in season 1 was the friendship / sibling-type relationship between Carmen and Graham (Michael Goldsmith).

No spoilers… but it did not end well for him. Interesting to see if his storyline will continue in any way next season…

Everybody asks "WHERE is Carmen Sandiego?", but nobody asks "WHO is Carmen Sandiego?" The iconic woman in red returns for new international capers and a peek into her past. Featuring Gina Rodriguez as Carmen and Finn Wolfhard as Player

While there's no word yet on when the second season will see the light of day, you can catch up on where Carmen Sandiego went by streaming the first season now on Netflix.

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