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Carmen Sandiego (Image: Netflix)
The trailer for season 4 of the Netflix reboot of classic franchise Carmen Sandiego is here, and honestly, it's gone a long way to making 2021 better than its predecessor already The fourth season drops on January 15, which is super soon! Warning: we'll be throwing on the "MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!" sign because there will[...]
Carmen Sandiego Season 3 is coming in October (Image: Netflix)
To kick off Halloween month, Netflix released a shortened third season of their revival of beloved childhood educational entertainment classic Carmen Sandiego Despite it only being 5 episodes long, this cartoon proves it's quality over quantity If you happened to miss the last season, you can catch up on my spoiler review here. This season really[...]
Carmen Sandiego Season 3 is coming in October (Image: Netflix)
Season 3 of Netflix animated children's series Carmen Sandiego is back to brighten up your quarantine and grant your household a little peace and quiet starting October 1, if only for a few days. Carmen Sandiego Season 3 is coming in October (Image: Netflix) In case you're not familiar with the original franchise, Where in the World[...]
carmen sandiego
Good news, fans of adventure, cartoons, and red fedoras! Our favorite international jewel thief (among other things) Carmen Sandiego is back on Netflix with new episodes starting October 1. The first season wasn't without its struggles story-wise, but overall it's a cute modern adaptation of a classic 90s edu-tainment franchise. Annoying at times? Sure! Tone and structure issues?[...]
Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego?
Gamers of a certain generation will remember that Carmen Sandiego didn't start as a cartoon or a game show, but as an educational game Now you can relive those days with a much more modern experience as Google Earth has partnered with the Netflix series to present Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego The[...]
Where in The World Is 'Carmen Sandiego'? Netflix for Season 2!
Good news, fellow adventurers! Netflix is staying hot on Carmen SanDiego's trail, renewing the popular animated series for a second season Aside from now officially knowing that Carmen and her crew will be back for a second round and that production should begin soon, not much else is known so far about the upcoming sophomore[...]
'Carmen Sandiego': It's 90s Netflix Nostalgia Time with Gina Rodriguez! [VIDEO]
We all know "millennial nostalgia" is at an all time high, and who else better to capatilize on this trending wave then your friendly neighborhood streamer Netflix? They already have animated reboots of classics such as Voltron and She-Ra, but now they've added 90s computer game/game show/cartoon classic Carmen Sandiego to their lineup. The titular anti-hero[...]
Netflix's Carmen Sandiego: Blandly Enjoyable But Has Potential (SPOILER REVIEW)
Netflix Netflix's newest iteration of famous international thief Carmen Sandiego seems geared towards a younger audience, but overall it's an enjoyable children's cartoon that's relatively clever and not too cringe-worthy for us adults With a cast of colorful and quirky allies and enemies, Carmen Sandiego delivers a Totally Spies vibe when it comes to the action[...]
Where in the World is the 'Carmen Sandiego' Trailer? Right Here!
"You want the whole story?" Then Netflix has what you're looking for with the release of the official trailer for its new animated series based on the computer game and television franchise, Carmen Sandiego – set to premiere on the streaming service on January 18th. In this new iteration, the titular Carmen (Gina Rodriguez) gets a backstory: she's[...]
Netflix's New 'Carmen Sandiego' Series Poster, Release Date
That globe-trotting lady of mystery Carmen Sandiego is returning via Netflix next year. As announced today by Netflix, the 20-episode first season of the new animated series will premiere on January 18th, 2019. WHEN in the world is Carmen Sandiego coming to Netflix? *hacks database* January 18! Who's ready to go on an adventure with @HereIsGina and @FinnSkata?[...]
Funko Collage 1
Funko has made a few announcements for new products the last two days, and we want to show them to you! New Disney Store exclusive Dorbz, Carmen Sandiego, and one of the most popular anime shows around My Hero Academia will be getting Pops Let's take a look at everything! #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top:[...]
Gina Rodriguez
Netflix has the rights to do a live-action feature film of Carmen Sandiego, and they've picked Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez to play the title character Though best known for her Golden Globe-winning role as Jane Villanueva on the critically acclaimed CW series, Rodriguez recently starred in the Alex Garland-directed feature film Annihilation and is currently in[...]