Clone: Skybound, Fabula Co-Producing Italian TV Series Adaptation

Clone, the Skybound/Image comic will be getting a TV series from Skybound Entertainment and Sony Pictures Television's Skybound Galactic in a co-production with Italian company Fabula. Grams, the young Italian screenwriters' collective that wrote the Netflix Italian original Baby, will adapt Clone into a live-action series and also serve as the series' showrunners. The comic book, created by David Schulner, follows Luke Taylor, whose life is interrupted when an identical, bloodied version of himself shows up at his home. The clone tells Luke that he's one of a batch of clones who are all out to capture his pregnant wife and their unborn child, as you do. Don't you hate that when it happens?

Clone: Skybound to Co-Produce Italian TV Series Version with Fabula
"Clone" from Skybound, Image

The Grams team consists of Antonio Le Fosse, Eleonora Trucchi, Marco Raspanti, Giacomo Mazzariol and Romulo Emmanuel Salvador, who also worked on Baby with Fabula. The Rome-based Fabula is headed by Nicola De Angelis and controlled by France's Federation Entertainment. Fabula also produced the ground-breaking Italian series Zero for Netflix, which is about the present-day lives of Black Italian youth. Fabula is also behind the upcoming biopic Il Divin Codino, about Italian soccer superstar Roberto Baggio, coming soon from Netflix as well.

Clone is a rare international production for Italy and will be Skybound Entertainment's first international co-production. Skybound was founded by The Walking Dead comic creator Robert Kirkman and producer David Alpert who also produced the recent Amazon animated adaptation of Kirkman's superhero comic Invincible. Sean Furst and Bryan Furst are the co-presidents of film and TV at Skybound. Kirkman, Alpert, Bryan Furst, Sean Furst, and Rick Jacobs will serve as executive producers on the Italian Clone series with De Angelis and Grams. The project will be shopped in the coming weeks. Sony Pictures Television is an investor in Skybound Galactic, which specializes in co-productions with international partners on genre projects. Under the partnership, Galactic has a second look deal on all Skybound Entertainment projects.

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