Crime Scene Kitchen Season 1 E05 Delivers A Kitchen Christmas: Review

The first group of bakers is back in FOX's Crime Scene Kitchen ready to decipher the week's new desserts. With this being the final week for these bakers before the quarter-finals, there is no room for error in either round. Regular judges Yolanda GamppCurtis Stone, and host Joel McHale are joined by guest judge Kelly Osborne, who set the first round's mystery kitchen dessert. In the first round vying for the extra clue in the main showpiece round, the final four teams in this group decipher the clues in the mystery kitchen. Luis & Natalie made a Fraiser cake (no, not like the TV show); Thuy-Linh Jay, made a Doberge cake; Erinn & Amanda chose a jellyroll cake and Thomas & Cathy also went with a roll cake in the form of a Black Forest Roulade cake.

Crime Scene Kitchen
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The clues were the saucepan and candy thermometer in the sink, the strawberry tops in the drain under the used saucepan, the dish towel with crumbs indicated a roll cake, and the open mascarpone and zested lemon in the trash along with the parchment paper with the strawberry design on it. All of this was supposed to lead the contestants to a strawberry mascarpone jelly roll cake. Since Erinn & Amanda were the only ones to make a jelly roll cake, despite using raspberry jam, they automatically won the round and extra clue for the next mystery kitchen round.

In the showpiece round, the kitchen was sprinkled with Christmas clues – Santa scenes on the fridge, a tiny house template, orange royal icing, and spices on the counterpoint to a holiday-themed cake, paired with the two sizes of cake pans in the drying rack point to a two-tiered Christmas cake…or do they? Thuy-Linh & Jay think it's just a single-tier spice cake with a gingerbread house topper while both Luis & Natalie and Thomas & Cathy went with a two-tier cake topped with a gingerbread house. Erinn & Amanda were given the extra clue in the form of the house templates and went with a gingerbread village around their two-tiered cake.

Crime Scene Kitchen
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The mystery kitchen showpiece was a two-tiered spiced ginger cake, with a Swiss meringue buttercream topped with Santa's gingerbread ski cabin. Since nobody delivered the exact cake, there is no top dessert detective this week; since Thuy-Linh & Jay delivered only half of a showpiece this round, they are the ones to leave the Crime Scene Kitchen. Next week's episode sees the other group pared down to three teams, which will eliminate the groups and combine all the groups for all 6 remaining teams in the quarter-finals.

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