Demon Slayer, Last Airbender & More: Our 7 Anime "Crisis" Paragons

With the vibe of DC FanDome still in the air, I decided to take the concept of The CW's mega Arrowverse crossover event "Crisis on Infinite Earths" and apply it to the anime world. In a world where all anime coexist in a multiverse, the Anti-Monitor has been running rampant destroying all the worlds we love. In an attempt to bring back the peace and balance, the Monitor recruits The Seven Paragons of Anime ("beings of the purest will") that will fight together to save the entire multiverse.

Deku from My Hero Academia (Image: Funimation-screencap)

We all know Goku will take on the place of Green Arrow. I mean, he always has to end up dying, right? It is okay, we all know Bulma and Vegeta will continue finding the Dragon Balls to ensure he continues coming back over and over and… So in that spirit, here are The Seven Paragons of Anime:

Paragon of Love: Madoka ("Madoka Magica"): Despite being a visually stunning anime, we follow Madoka, a girl chosen by Kyubey to become a magical girl in exchange for a wish. However, the wishes never turn out as expected and she discovers that once dead, all the magical girls become the one thing they have been fighting all along due to their unhappiness. In hopes to make the world a better place and bring peace to their souls, Madoka gives up her one wish to bring comfort to them thus becoming Goddess Madoka.

The Paragon of Hope: Sakura Kinomoto ("Cardcaptor Sakura"): Sakura might seem like a typical magical girl, however, she is the one I have always looked up to the most. No matter how scary, sad, or bad things got her optimism never faltered. She always stood up against all odds to keep all those around her safe. Sakura also had a way of making those around her feel special and make them smile.

Paragon of Destiny: Sailor Pluto ("Sailor Moon"): Sailor Pluto, as the guardian of Time, spent her time making sure things happened as they should undisturbed. I think she would make sure things are unaltered. I also think she is the most badass senshi.

Paragon of Courage: Deku ("My Hero Academia"): In his quest of becoming the number one hero in the world, Deku has thrown himself into situations in which he could have been nearly considered a sacrifice. However, he has always managed to keep control over his mind and emotions no matter how much pain he might be in or how scared, and still manages to rise above and level with much more experienced fighters.

Paragon of Honor: Zuko ("Avatar: The Last Airbender"): I know what you are going to say: BuT AvAtAr Is NoT aNiMe! It is western anime to me, thank you very much have a good day. Zuko's path to finding himself and his honor is one of the best arcs I have seen. Fleshed out and complete, it really made the character turn around and become likeable. Not only that, in Korra we get to see he really put his money where his mouth was and tried to make it a better world for everyone alike.

Paragon of Truth: Tanjiro ("Demon Slayer"): Yes, like Sakura, I considered him the Paragon of Hope. However, Tanjiro is the epitome of what I envision as a Paragon of Truth: able to call even those he love into question for their actions. Tanjiro's unwavering beliefs and truth brings out the best in those around him.

Paragon of Humanity: Ken Ichijoji ("Digimon"): After his fall as the Digimon Emperor we see him find himself and realize the horror of his actions. We see him rise to power and be the baddess mo-fo in the Digiworld, then we see him fall. Like Zuko, we see him go on a path of rediscovery. Why he lost his way when and regain his kindness. I tend to hate bullies, but the way Digimon told the story and how we see Ken deal with his depression and guilt after realizing the horrible things he did added a lot of depth to the character. It also told the story of what happens when you push your kids past their limits reaching for perfection and what happens when they cannot reach that idea of perfection. The way mental illness was handled in Digimon with him and Kari Kamiya always stuck with me. Ken has always been one of my favorite characters from Digimon, not only is he the embodiment of Kindness within the show, it has always been the embodiment of humanity in my eyes.

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