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Digimon: 25 Years of Fun Adventures
This year it makes a quarter-century of Digimon – 25 years of adventures, smiles, tears, love, friendship, and courage The show always had a great group of main characters with varying qualities, but they were also flawed and what made them all so special and relatable… so unique Digimon has always touched on many dark[...]
Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning is a Franchise High (REVIEW)
For more than 26 years, Digimon has proven to be one of the most engaging anime franchises of all time for exploring themes of morality, adolescence, maturity, and the importance of connectivity However, after potentially closing out the exceptional stories of the first generation of DigiDestined with the groundbreaking film Digimon: Last Evolution Kizuna in[...]
Digimon Adventure 02 The Beginning Drops a New Trailer and Poster
If you grew up with Digimon in the late '90s and early '00s, you already know that Digimon fans stay winning Because after kickstarting the franchise with some prime anime content, we eventually received the rare opportunity to revisit the first generation of DigiDestined through Digimon Adventure Tri – where these characters were actually maturing[...]
Official Re-Release of Digimon the Movie Confirmed with Original Cast
After nearly two decades of waiting and an out-of-print DVD release, Digimon fans are finally getting what they deserve—an official re-release of the beloved film Digimon the Movie But wait, it gets even better! The influential film will not only offer a home release and a remastered option of the film, but we'll also be getting[...]
Digimon Adventure 02 The Beginning Drops a New Trailer and Poster
We're all for a Digimon resurgence, and in recent years, we've been fortunate enough to obtain exceptional franchise content, including Digimon Adventure tri, and Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna – but thankfully, it doesn't stop there. In fact, in just a few months, longtime fans will finally get an official story connected to its popular sequel series,[...]
Digimon World: Next Order Reveals New Gameplay Trailer
Bandai Namco has released a new trailer for Digimon World: Next Order as they show off more of the gameplay for this title If you haven't seen the game yet, this is the latest entry in the monster collecting and raising RPG series, which takes place in the Digital World of Digimon, bringing back characters[...]
Crunchyroll Streaming Over 20 Movies for December Slate
There weren't any signs NOT to push it… so the solution is obvious, right? Is it a trap or the start of something new and exciting? The crews of Re:Zero, Overlord, Konosuba, and The Saga of Tanya the Evil will find out when they go from their world to another and get stuck in… class?![...]
Digimon World: Next Order Will Release This February
Bandai Namco revealed this week that they will be releasing Digimon World: Next Order this coming February for PC and Nintendo Switch The team has been teasing this all-new RPG-centric monster-collecting game set within the Digimon universe While the game will be looking to the future of the franchise, you'll be seeing some familiar faces[...]
After the epic, tragic, and tear-jerking conclusion of Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna, a major void was left in fans' hearts for more Just when we were fairly certain the end had come, the confirmation of a follow-up story to the canon second generation (known as Digimon Adventure 02) teased that there could be a[...]
Bandai Namco Releases New Character Trailer For Digimon Survive
Bandai Namco is finally getting around to showing off substantial info about Digimon Survive, as we have new images and a trailer For the most part, the team behind the game has been rather coy about what's actually going on as far as the story and all of the things you can do Which is[...]
Bandai Namco Releases New Character Trailer For Digimon Survive
Bandai Namco released a couple of new videos today for Digimon Survive, including one introducing the cast of characters This game has been in a constant state of limbo for the past couple of years as the pandemic has done it no favors for development In fact, the last time the game had any real[...]
Crunchyroll Announces Winter 2022 Streaming Lineup
– Official Trailer Courtesy of Crunchyroll Platinum End –  From the creators of Death Note, a young boy must fight against 12 other humans to become the next god of the world! – Official Trailer Courtesy of Crunchyroll BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS – Boruto continues his adventures to become the ultimate ninja with Team 7 and all your favorite ninja[...]
What We're Excited to See in "Digimon: Last Evolution Kizuna"
Ever since the reveal of the Digimon Adventure tri back in 2015, we've been fed with bountiful Digi-content There was the six-film return of the original Digimon group, then the cinematic closure of that storyline for the first two generations in Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna – with the eventual reboot of the first generation[...]
New Digimon Figures Arrived From Bandai Including MetalGreymon
Bandai has revealed that the popular animated series Digimon is joining the SHODO figure series This time were are digivolving as MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon are here to join your growing collection Each figure is loaded with a high amount of detail, articulation, and accessories to capture them in action Digimon fans will be able to[...]
Digimon Card Game's Starter Decks: A Digi-Delight!
Bandai's newest iteration of the Digimon Card Game has finally reached stores in the United States! While the cards are in extremely short supply due to product distribution issues, we have managed to procure two starter decks (out of three) Unfortunately, we couldn't get our paws on Gaia Red, the most popular of the three decks,[...]
Someone Made A Stardew Valley Digimon Creature Mod
The latest mod to come out for Stardew Valley will have you signing a cartoon theme as you can make the animals Digimon Mods to the game are nothing new as people have figured out multiple ways to mess with the game's coding and do all sorts of things Last night we watched some players[...]
eBay Unveils New Plan Geared Towards The TCG Singles Market
The single cards cannot weigh more than three ounces in the envelope, and the cards must be ungraded. Are you a fan of card games like Magic: The Gathering, Yugioh, the Pokémon Trading Card Game, or the new Digimon Card Game? Do you use eBay, TCGPlayer, or other websites to seek out single cards for your decks or your collection?[...]
EG: Animation Resurgences That Made Us Smile or To Look Forward To
Sakura is the one character that I always look up to and want to be like, "Digimon": Indeed, there have been multiple Digimon storylines coming out With each, I get just as excited However, there is something about Digimon Adventure 2020 that gave me goosebumps and just made me feel like I was a kid watching[...]
Bandai Namco Shows Off a New Developer Diary for Digimon Survive
Some sad news today from Bandai Namco as the company revealed that they have pushed Digimon Survive back to 2021 Unlike other games that have been pushed back across the board, the company didn't split any hairs and called it like it is by revealing that the push was due to the effects of the[...]
Adventure Time, Pokemon & More: 7 Sidekicks We Want Riding Shotgun (Image: Cartoon Network)
I do not think it would ever be possible to feel sad around Jake, and BMO's constant positivity would really help with some rough mornings. Gatomon ("Digimon"): She was always my favorite Digimon While it is always hard to pick a favorite, I always thought Gatomon would have been one of my three Faithful, loyal, and[...]
Three Anime Episodes I Could Watch Over and Over and Not Get Tired (Image: screencap)
I cannot begin to count how many times I have watched Cardcaptor Sakura, Digimon, or Ranma 1/2 this year so far You know, not counting every other year before. While having a conversation with my editor we were discussing how many people keep floating back to shows they have watched before, be it Friends, The Office,[...]
Exclusive Digimon: Last Evolution Kizuna Clip Prepares for Battle
Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna is coming soon to audiences in the US, and ahead of the release, we're sharing an exclusive clip! For those of you who are long-time Digimon fans, this clip, in particular, is an homage to the origin of Digimon itself, preparing for a battle between an amped-up Parrotmon with a now-grown[...]
Digimon TCG Slated For Worldwide Release
The Digimon franchise has been a mainstay in Japanese media since its inception From the Digimon World series of video games to the anime, Digimon has gotten ample attention from its devoted fanbase However, one aspect of the franchise has been neglected time and time again Digimon's card games, whether its the Digi-Battle Card Game or the CCG,[...]
Breaking Down the New "Digimon: Last Evolution Kizuna" Trailer
Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna is the final chapter for the original DigiDestined, and after two decades, the franchise continues to impress (see our review here) Ahead of the official release of the film on Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD, we were able to speak to the longtime franchise producer Yosuke Kinoshita He provided a little[...]
Deku from My Hero Academia (Image: Funimation-screencap)
Tanjiro's unwavering beliefs and truth brings out the best in those around him. Paragon of Humanity: Ken Ichijoji ("Digimon"): After his fall as the Digimon Emperor we see him find himself and realize the horror of his actions We see him rise to power and be the baddess mo-fo in the Digiworld, then we see him[...]
Digimon Digivolutions Get Complete Set of Figures with Bandai
Things are about to get digital once again as Bandai unveils a complete Digimon set The et features three iconic Digievolutions with Wargreymon, Angewomon, and Garudemon Each figure stands roughly 3-4 inches tall and will come with special display stands Showing off the love of their destined children the symbol stands proud on the base[...]
New Digimon Digivice from Bandai
Let's get digital as a new Digimon Adventures awaits collectors with Bandai's newest collectible The Digivice is back and is completely redesigned with updated effects, lights, sounds, and gameplay There are 8 colors to choose from and each one corresponds with iconic Digimon DigiDestined partners all of your favorites are back with Agumon, Gabumon, Biyomon,[...]
Cardcaptor Sakura image from Madhouse.
This show always leaves me with a pleasant vibe, the best to leave playing if you want to stay in a good mood. Digimon: Another one I could not leave behind I really love the first and second seasons; however Tri, Tamers, and Frontier are close seconds Though nothing will ever compare to the way the[...]
Wargreymon DCG card
Digimon has always been a major franchise in Japan From video games like Digimon World and Digimon Rumble Arena to the Digimon Digi-Battle Card Game, to the eponymous animated television show, the franchise has generally been successful In the United States, this craze was mostly overshadowed by Pokémon, but Digimon remains a force to be reckoned with elsewhere[...]
Bandai Namco Shows Off a New Developer Diary for Digimon Survive
A lot of fans grew concerned this week when it appeared as if Bandai Namco had possibly put Digimon Survive on hold The game has, for as long as we've known about it, had an unknown release date Just a window of the year 2020, which as we all know, means practically nothing since games[...]