Did Batwoman Just Tease That [SPOILER] Isn't As Dead As We Thought?

Nothing like a ten-ton teaser (or easter egg, depending on how it plays out) for The CW's Batwoman to end on considering it won't be back until February 14 (everyone's clearing a path for the NFL Super Bowl). So there's absolutely no way to get into this in any way without having to throw on the "MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!" sign and throw in an image spoiler buffer to keep things from getting messy. So for a look at what that ending to "Bat Girl Magic!" could mean, we'll see you after the jump.

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Assuming you've watched the episode or don't mind spoilers, you know that Jacob (Dougray Scott) was doing his best to get into Kate's recovered phone. Eventually, the Crows' "geek squad" was able to hack their way in for some possible clues- and that's when Jacob came across an abstract painting from "Jack Napier" that was a little heavy on the purple. Kate had captioned the image with "Safiyah?" but nothing else. So case solved, right? Kate was investigating Safiyah (Shivani Ghai) and got too close, so Safiyah blew up her plane. Except there are a few things that greatly complicate that theory. First, that Safiyah said she didn't have anything to do with what happened to Kate and that there was another party at play- and offered Alice (Rachel Skarsten) some proof that she might just be telling the truth.

But more concerning than that is the name "Jack Napier"- an alias that's been used by The Clown Prince of Crime himself, The Joker, both on the big screen (Tim Burton's 1989 Batman film) where it originated and in the comics later on (let's not forget the False Face Society). Is the inclusion of the name into the narrative a teaser that The Joker may not be nearly as dead as implied in the first season episode "A Narrow Escape"? Because the ten-ton implication was that Batman had finally put the big bad down for good- and left Gotham for it. While this could be leading to the appearance of Black Mask, pitting Alcie and Safiyah against one another on the streets of Gotham could be The Joker's plan to weaken the city enough for him to make a grand and glorious return. While this could all be nothing more than fuel for the dumpster fires of speculation, it could also be the early signs of a bigger storyline down the road- maybe a third season of Batwoman that finds Gotham needing two "dark knight defenders" to save the day?

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