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The CW's Arrowverseis about to add another hero to its ranks, with The CW released two first-looks at Camrus Johnson's Luke Fox suited up as the armored hero Batwing- set to debut during the second season of the Javicia Leslie-starring Batwoman Stemming from the creative mind of costume designer Maya Mani, the costume officially answers[...]
Batwoman Season 2 Episode 15 Preview: Alice Has A Warning For Mary
Ryan (Javicia Leslie), Jacob (Dougray Scott), Sophie (Meagan Tandy), and Mary (Nicole Kang) search for answers as to Luke's attacker- but they need to make sure they don't take their sights off of the season's biggest bad- a point Alice (Rachel Skarsten) looks to make to Mary in the following preview. Photo: The CW — © 2021[...]
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After last week's battle with Arthur Brown aka Cluemaster (Rick Miller) formally introduced Stephanie Brown (Morgan Kohan)- the comics universe's Spoiler- into the Arrowverse, this week's episode of The CW's Batwoman finds Black Mask aka Roman Sionis (Peter Outerbridge) stepping up his plans- and that means "Circe" aka Kate Kane (Wallis Day) will become more[...]
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After an episode that found Wallis Day's Kate Kane being imprinted with Black Mask's (Peter Outerbridge) daughter's memories to become "Circe Sionis," a Batwoman (Javicia Leslie) and Alice (Rachel Skarsten) team-up, Sophie (Meagan Tandy) learning of Jacob's (Dougray Scott) Snakebite addiction, and Alice left in the clutches of Black Mask and "Circe," there's no better[...]
Batwoman Season 2 "Initiate Self-Destruct" Delivers Big Payoff: Review
This forces a team-up between Alice (Rachel Skarsten) and Batwoman (Javicia Leslie) since Ocean and Angelique (Bevin Bru) are being held at the same place And then in a major complication, The Crows are about to discover Rian's identity as Batwoman by using a crime scene blood sample and cross-referencing it with national DNA databases[...]
Batwoman Season 2 E12 Preview: Where Do Sophie & Ryan Stand Now?
As if that's not problematic enough, Ryan (Javicia Leslie) now has to deal with Sophie (Meagan Tandy) knowing she's Gotham's dark knight defender Meanwhile, Alice (Rachel Skarsten) has her memories back- as well as Ocean (Nathan Owens) So with all of that in mind, here's a look at the preview images, episode overview, and promo[...]
Batwoman S02E11 Arrive Alive Starts Fast & Furious, Ends Slow & Mopey
When Batwoman tries to take on fast cars and breakneck-speed chases, it sounds like it should be a recipe for fun, right? Unfortunately, while it moves some of the elements of the plot forward, this episode is less The Fast and Furious and more a snoozer filler episode that teases some great things for the future. The[...]
Batwoman Star Camrus Johnson Talks Luke Fox, Possible Batwing Future
Last week's episode of the Javicia Leslie-starring series found Johnson's Fox offering Ryan Wilder aka Batwoman a major assist by taking out three bad guys sporting some serious firepower- and looking pretty impressive in the process The next piece of the puzzle arrives Sunday night, with preview images (see below) introducing viewers to Jesse Hutch's[...]
Welcome to our weekly preview of the second season of The CW's Batwoman, except this week we're getting a headstart on things since the network was kind enough to also release two very cool character key art posters for Javicia Leslie's Ryan Wilder aka Gotham's newest defender So check those out below and we'll meet[...]
Batwoman S02E10 Review: Series Stays Topical; Personal Moments Shine
As Batwoman/Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie) focuses on a series of crimes being committed by people with a strong alibi of being in prison, she's distracted by trying to get her ex, Angelique, (Bevin Bru) out of jail Meanwhile, the False Face Society continues ramping up its criminality in Gotham In its biggest plays this week,[...]
Batwoman S02E10 Preview: Black Mask Begins Tying Up Loose Ends
Now that Black Mask (Peter Outerbridge) has more than made his presence known in Ryan's (Javicia Leslie) world, this week's episode of The CW's Batwoman finds Gotham's defender working overtime to take down the show's biggest bad yet and his False Face Society But as you're about to see from the following preview images, episode[...]
Batwoman S02E09 "Rule #1" Review: Black Mask vs Defund the Police
But this week's episode of Batwoman has Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie) and the rest of Team Batwoman rewriting the rules in order to get at the root problems of what truly ails Gotham And in this episode, we find out that part of what is truly ailing Gotham is the new big bad Black Mask[...]
Batwoman Interview: Peter Outerbridge on Black Mask, Season 2 & More
By the time the dust settled on Sunday night's episode of The CW's Batwoman, it was pretty clear that Peter Outerbridge's (Nikita, V Wars) Roman Sionis aka Black Mask will be making life hell not just for Ryan (Javicia Leslie) but everyone close to Kate Kane (Wallis Day)- and Kate's the weapon he's choosing to[...]
Batwoman Season 2 Teaser: Ryan's Ready to Cut Off The Serpent's Head
You would think that finding your way into the position of having to take up the mantle of Gotham's new defender would be more than enough to keep Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie) busy through the entire second season of The CW's Batwoman But then again, what fun would that be? We already have Safiyah (Shivaani[...]
Batwoman S02E09 "Rule #1" Preview: Black Mask Takes the Stage
From the looks of the preview images for this Sunday's episode of The CW's Batwoman, it looks like Ryan (Javicia Leslie) and the rest of the gang are going to have a ton of awkwardness to deal with Because it looks like they're having a funeral for the late, great Kate Kane- except while she[...]