Doctor Who: BBC Spotlights Jodie Whittaker's Doctor in Series 12 Video

Here we go. As we come closer to the premiere of the new season of Doctor Who at least, the BBC has released a "Best of Series 12" compilation video on the show's official YouTube channel. And there were many highlights in Series 12 indeed, the chief among them is the new Master played by Sacha Dhawan. We were due a new Master since he always comes back. Every Doctor has to face off against the Master sooner or later. Dhawan had previously played Waris Hussein, the director of the original pilot episode and first serial of Doctor Who back in 1963 in An Adventure in Space and Time.

Doctor Who: BBC Releases Video Highlights of Series 12
Jodie Whittaker and Sacha Dawan in "Doctor Who" Series 12, still courtesy of BBC America

Dhawan's Master felt like a direct follow-up from Jim Simm's: mean, impishly mischievous, petulant, pettily spiteful, both desperate for and scorning love, and murderously insane. He and Jodie Whittaker's Doctor felt like two people who grew up together as kids and fell out but still can't quit each other. The show also brought back the Master's tendency to murder people by squishing them into action figures, which is hilarious, especially with Dhawan's glee when he does it to someone. Virtually every scene with Dhawan's Master should be considered a highlight of the season, and even all of them might not fill up a half-hour.

The other highlight of the season was the surprise reveal of Jo Martin as a "lost" rogue Doctor from the Doctor's past. Kudos to Chris Chibnall for pulling that off without anyone knowing. He managed to take the pressure off the question of when a woman of colour can become the Doctor. The only downside here is that we'll probably never get to see Martin's Doctor take over the show and have her own adventures and companions and story arcs. It's notable that none of the companions' soap opera subplots were included in this highlights compilation because they were not highlights by any stretch of the imagination. Doctor Who should really be about the Doctor and the Science Fiction situations they get into that are social commentary and the Doctor's place in the story. At least whoever cut this video together knew that. Onwards and upwards to the 13th Series.

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