Doctor Who Lockdown Officially Puts Out The Call: Doctors Assemble

Doctor Who Magazine writer and BBC Radio Editor Emily Cook has another line-up of impressive names set for this Saturday's Doctor Who Lockdown global rewatch of Doctor Who: An Adventure in Space and Time. Starting at 7 p.m. U.K. British Standard Time (2 p.m. U.S. Eastern Standard Time), writer-actor Mark Gatiss and actor Sacha Dhawan (plays the director of the first episode of Doctor Who, Waris Hussein, in the film; now plays The Master) will be live-tweeting their thoughts and perspectives on the project. Before the event begins, we were told to expect "something fab" from Big Finish; and at some point, there's a "rumor" that David Bradley might have a thing or two to share.

Here's a look at the key art for Doctors Assemble, courtesy of Doctor Who Lockdown and BBC Studios.
Here's a look at the key art for Doctors Assemble, courtesy of Doctor Who Lockdown and BBC Studios.

But it was the teaser released early Thursday morning that sent our brains' dumpster fires of speculations' flames soaring sky high, and now we know what "Doctors Assemble!" is all about. With the planet Earth in danger (again), the Doctor is trapped on the TARDIS and forces to call on some very familiar faces for help. Here's a look at "Doctors Assemble", followed by a look at who's voices you were actually hearing:

  • The First – DAVID BRADLEY
  • The Third – JON CULSHAW
  • The Fourth – JON CULSHAW
  • The Fifth – JON CULSHAW
  • The Seventh – WINK TAYLOR
  • The Ninth – PETE WALSH
  • The Eleventh – JACOB DUDMAN
  • The Twelfth – JONATHON CARLEY
  • The Thirteenth – DEBRA STEPHENSON

Heading back to more current times, Mandip Gill confirmed to earlier this month that holiday special "Revolution of the Daleks" was filmed at the end of Series 12 production, meaning that shouldn't be a delay in its seasonal airing. That gives the episode a major advantage over series that film their holiday specials the summer before, making the Doctor Who special even more of an "event" for fans, as Gill explains: "So yeah, Doctor Who's special is something to really look forward to this year –especially considering the amazing series we've just had as well."

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