Doctor Who: Mark Gatiss Open to Return, Offers Story He Would Adapt

With production currently underway on the eagerly-awaited Doctor Who Series 13, fans are learning that the series' return will be filled with goodbyes (Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole have moved out of the TARDIS), hellos (John Bishop's Dan is moving in), and two familiar faces (Jodie Whittaker and Mandip Gill, though there are those rumors of Whittaker being done after Series 13) returning for the abbreviated eight-episode run. But could the long-running series also see the return of yet another familiar face? Based on what writer and actor Mark Gatiss had to say during an interview with the Radio Times, it sounds like the door's just waiting for Gatiss to open.

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Doctor Who – Image: BBC

Speaking with RT to promote the Target book novelization of his 2013 episode "The Crimson Horror," Gatiss (who wrote nine episodes between 2005 and 2017 as well as appearing in five additional episodes) says he had more ideas for television stories beyond the one he submitted for last year's Children in Need book Adventures in Lockdown. "Yeah, I do. I mean, not millions of them, but there are certain things that occur and you think 'There's sort of only one place you could do that' – and it's not because it's some kind of grand sci-fi idea, it's just something very particular where you go, 'Ah, that's a Doctor Who idea'," Gatiss explained. "I'm just sort of intrigued as to where the show's going to go next because of lockdown, in terms of whether we're going to get lots of base under siege stories! One person in peril! I think what you don't want to see is things too directly about it, but if you could look at [a story] and say, 'I know what that's about, it's about isolation and people's mental health, but on a moon colony' or something, that'd work."

And it's not like showrunner Chris Chibnall hasn't left Gatiss an open invitation to pen a new adventure. "Very early on, Chris emailed me – all the new writers were announced and everything, and I sort of assumed that that was my time [over]. But he sent me a lovely email saying 'you're very much part of the family, I'd love you to [write a new episode]', but I just haven't,' Gatiss explained. "But I loved writing that story for the Children in Need book. I really enjoyed going back and trying to find Jodie's voice. It was a real refreshing change. I didn't actually rewatch anything. I just sort of thought, 'I know how she sounds', and I really enjoyed it very much. So maybe we could do that [story] because Susan [the Doctor's granddaughter] comes back!"

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