Drag Race UK: Ginny Lemon Discusses This Episode's Massive Gag

If you're keeping up with this season of Drag Race UK, you already know the gaggery from the latest episode. If not, you should be warned that there are massive spoilers here. So consider the "MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!" sign officially on, and we'll jump into what happened after the spoiler image buffer to take a look at this week's special mini-challenge, "The Great British Fake Off."

Drag Race UK - Ginny Lemon On This Episode's Massive Gag
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This week's challenge was an improv one that saw the queens hosting a morning chat show with some guidance (and guest judging) from miss morning TV queen herself, Lorraine Kelly. Of the week's monster looks on the runway, Ginny Lemon and Sister Sister ended up in the bottom.

But that's where the gag comes in: as the lip-sync starts, Ginny turns around and sashays away of their own accord, leaving Sister Sister without well, a sister. For lack of participation, there was no choice but to send Ginny home. But that's okay according to Ginny, it was their choice to leave the competition. "I was up against my Sister (Sister) and I just couldn't. I love her too much. I'm ready to go home babs, I'm knackered. I would have regretted it if I had tried to fight against something I didn't want to fight against. I don't think I've tapped out of the competition. I did it for me."

Drag Race UK - Ginny Lemon On This Episode's Massive Gag
Drag Race UK contestant Ginny Lemon

In a later exit interview, Ginny discussed her future plans, memories of her time on the show, and what she's got in the works:

What have you learned from the experience? "To love yourself, and to be a vegetarian because the sausage rolls on set made me as sick as a dog."

What's the one thing you'll never forget about your time on the show? "The friendships I made and the laughs we had. I'll never forget how Lawrence Chaney used to stuff sausage baps down the sofa so she could have them "warm" later."

What can we expect from Ginny lemon's future…? "A brand new album and an interactive show called Ginny Lemon's Tonic, reflecting on everyday lockdown life and struggles; and writing a children's book and self-help memoir.  I will now take over the world, become a household name and obtain a damehood, all whilst wearing flats."

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