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ECW Documentary Barbed Wire City Now Available to Stream Online

Barbed Wire City: The Unauthorized Story of Extreme Championship Wrestling, is available for streaming now on HighSpots Wrestling Network. This online wrestling streaming service serves as an alternative to the WWE Network. Initially released in 2013, the DVD of the documentary costs an astonishing $900 to purchase on Amazon today, making the $9.99/month fee for HighSpots Wrestling Network seem like a steal in comparison. The video can also be rented on its own for $9.99 or purchased for $19.99.

Own the new independent documentary film "BARBED WIRE CITY… THE UNAUTHORIZED ECW DOCUMENTARY". Please note: This DVD is not supported, nor owned by the W.W.E.

"Barbed Wire City… The Unauthorized ECW Documentary" is a film that studies the history of, and people who made, Extreme Championship Wrestling a cult sensation in the 1990s. We took an intimate look at the subculture of a subculture, and found a very human story about athletes who see themselves as entertainers, and were willing to take massive amounts of punishment for little money based on the promise of something more within their industry. This is a film about culture and human beings—who just happen to use tables and chairs and violent acts as part of their performance art. This documentary is not owned or supported by the WWE.

The official artwork for arbed Wire City: The Unauthorized Story of Extreme Championship Wrestling.
The official artwork for Barbed Wire City: The Unauthorized Story of Extreme Championship Wrestling.

WWE produced its own ECW documentary in 2004, The Rise and Fall of ECW, which had the benefit of WWE owning ECW's tape library and access to many of the defunct company's top stars. However, it also suffers from WWE's "victors write the history" outlook, which prioritizes making WWE look like the best wrestling company in the world over anything else. Barbed Wire City focuses on both ECW, its stars, and its fanbase, and features interviews with Sandman, Raven, Shane Douglas, Balls Mahoney, Axl Rotten, New Jack, Mikey Whipwreck, The Blue Meanie, Stevie Richards, Nova, Ted Petty, Johnny Grunge,  Jerry Lynn, Angel and Devito of Da Baldies, Chris Chetti and Danny Doring, and Steve Corino.

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