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Tommy Dreamer Has Been Suspended Indefinitely By IMPACT Wrestling
 The episode featured many former WWE superstars and personnel giving their own first-hand accounts of what they witnessed that night and while many of them were somber or remorseful of the event and especially of how the flight attendants were treated (one appeared on the episode, detailing her sexual harassment and assault at the hands[...]
WWE Personality Paul Heyman Remembers ECW’s Jerome “New Jack” Young
When WWE emerged from the ashes of the Monday Night War victorious conquering rival WCW and purchasing its assets in 2001, they also scrapped up the leftover remnants of bankrupt ECW along the way Owner Vince McMahon then attempted to salvage what was left importing what he felt was desirable After the failed ECW-WCW "Invasion"[...]
Rob Van Dam Is Now Mr. Hall Of Fame As He Gets WWE's Highest Honor
 In a story first reported by Ryan Satin on Fox Sports and then confirmed by WWE on their own site, the company confirmed the talk amongst insiders and fans and gave ECW fans something to look forward to on the April 6 Hall of Fame induction ceremony, which will stream on the Peacock app. The newest WWE Hall[...]
Taz revived the FTW Championship at AEW Dynamite: Fyter Fest Night 2
Taz came to the ring and broke out a relic from the past: the FTW World Championship he used to carry around in ECW Here's what happened, out of our in-progress AEW Dynamite report, which will be published tomorrow morning. Tony Schiavone brings out Taz, who claims to have news about next week's Fight for the[...]
Barbed Wire City The Unauthorized ECW Documentary (Official Trailer 2)
The video can also be rented on its own for $9.99 or purchased for $19.99. Own the new independent documentary film "BARBED WIRE CITY… THE UNAUTHORIZED ECW DOCUMENTARY" Please note: This DVD is not supported, nor owned by the W.W.E. "Barbed Wire City… The Unauthorized ECW Documentary" is a film that studies the history of, and people[...]
Though having wrestled for numerous promotions and won nine championships throughout his career, it would be the "Mass Transit Incident" (as it's become known as over the years) during his run in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) that would defint his career – warrented or not. Vice Here's a look at the official trailer for "The Life and[...]
Sullivan's stay was brief winning the ECW Tag Titles with Taz in December 1993 After a few months, Sullivan left but Nancy stayed She made more of a name for herself managing the likes of The Sandman and at one point, Shane Douglas. Nancy helped The Sandman become one of ECW's top talent presiding over his[...]
WWE: Paul Heyman, Eric Bischoff Named “Executive Directors” of Raw, SmackDown
ECW folded in 2001 when the company went bankrupt and their television deal with Spike TV ended WCW folded the same year when executives at Time-Warner decided the company wasn't worth further financial losses, and sold the right to… McMahon. Many ECW talents transitioned to WWE Bischoff's pending deal with a potential investor fell through when[...]
Five WWE Figures Mattel Needs to Make Elite Figures For
I won't be holding my breath. Sabu The ECW hardcore legend is one of the most iconic performers from the promotion While he didn't have much of a run to speak of with the company, fans from that era would love to get a Mattel version of him He has had a few other figures over the[...]
5 Comics-Related Surprises To Watch Out For At Donald Trump's Inauguration Today
Ike's jealousy is bound to boil over when the two cross paths at the ceremony, and it could break out into a full-on ECW style catfight: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: ECW Beulah vs Francine CatFight 1995 ( Wouldn't that make for a great new photo of the reclusive billionaire?!   1[...]
Joey Styles Cleanses Twitter Even As Some Wrestling Veterans Come To His Defense
Earlier this week, we told you about former ECW announcer Joey Styles and his firing from three different wrestling organizations in the wake of controversial comments he made at pro wrestling event Evolve 72 Referencing comments made by President Elect Donald Trump in a leaked tape prior to the election, Styles told ring announcer Joanna Rose,[...]