Eddie Kingston Debuts on AEW Dynamite in TNT Championship Challenge

AEW has been teasing a surprise challenger for Cody Rhodes and the TNT Championship to kick off Dynamite tonight, and they sure delivered. Eddie Kingston made a surprise debut on Dynamite to take on Cody in a no disqualification match. Kingston currently wrestles for NWA, which is on a hiatus right now.

Eddie Kingston makes his AEW Dynamite review to challenge Cody Rhodes for the TNT Championship.
Eddie Kingston makes his AEW Dynamite review to challenge Cody Rhodes for the TNT Championship.

Below, from the currently in-progress AEW Dynamite report that will be published tomorrow, you can read what happened:

Dynamite opens with the TNT Championship open challenge. Cody Rhodes and Arn Anderson are in the ring. Justin Roberts introduces the match and Cody, but before he can finish, Eddie Kingston comes out and interrupts the introductions. He cuts a promo on the grind he's gone through and says Cody has it easy, growing up around "used-to-be legends" like Arn Anderson. Kingston grew up around alcoholics and junkies and he had to survive. He had to grind. Cody couldn't last a day in his shoes, so he can't tell Eddie nuthin' about grindin'. Kingston says everybody Cody's faced has been a child. He's a grown-ass man and he'll literally kill Cody. Tony Khan paid Kingston to show up and now he's gonna pay him to kick Cody's ass and take the championship. He tells Arn to shut up or he'll gouge his eye out. Toyn Khan told him it could be a no DQ match if Cody accepts. Either Cody is an egg-sucking dog or an egg-sucking bitch.

Cody accepts and Kingston attacks before Roberts can introduce Kingston. They brawl outside the ring and inside the ring, where Kingston takes control. Cody hits the disaster kick and Eddie rolls out of the ring. Cody dives after him and throws him back in. Cody hits a missile dropkick and takes off his weight belt. Kingston lures Cody outside again and steals the belt. He whips him like… wait for it… "like a government mule," says Jim Ross. Now would be a good time to mention that Tony Schiavone is bac on commentary tonight, having passed his COVID test.

Kingston pulls up the mat at ringside and goes for a piledriver but Cody backdrops him onto the cement. Kingston thinks he's at a WWE PPV and tries to rip Cody's eye out of his head. Back in the ring, Kingston hits a backdrop. He beats Cody up in the corner. Cody fights back, but Kingston punches him in the gut. Kingston beats Cody down to a chorus of boos. AEW's fake crowd sounds so much more organic than WWE's fake crowd. They seem like they're actually enjoying themselves. Just sayin', don't be mad. It's true.

Cody tries a comeback, working on Kingston's knee, which he's been selling throughout the match. Kingston hits a clothesline and puts Cody in a rest hold. Cody gets up and they trade chops. Kingston hits a snapmare and kicks Cody in the back. Cody fights back but Kingston pokes the eye. Cody reverses another backdrop and chopblocks Kingston's leg. Cody whips Kingston across the ring but Kingston falls to one knee, selling the leg injury. When Cody approaches, Kingston gives him a low blow and hits a DDT.

Kingston rolls outside and grabs a sack from under the ring. Damn, going right for the thumbtacks? Kingston dumps them out in the ring and harasses Cody some more. He tries to bodyslam him into the tacks but Cody wriggles out and dropkicks him in the knee. Cody tries a vertebreaker or something but Kingston blocks. He powerbombs Cody into the thumbtacks. Hikaru Shida is in tears at ringside. Kingston hits a backdrop but Cody rolls right up, bounces off the ropes, and hits a clothesline. Cody gets to his feet, back covered in tacks, and goes for the figure four. Kingston slaps Cody, so Cody slaps him back. He gets the figure four. Kingston taps!

Well that was an unexpected and awesome way to kick off Dynamite. Cody poses with the belt as Kingston sits dejected at the top of the ramp. Dynamite goes to commercials. I'll be right back because I'm gonna go push this out as a news story.

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