G4 Returns: Adam Sessler Talks Cyberpunk 2077 Bugs, Glitches & Dildos

The two biggest takeaways from November's A Very Special G4 Holiday Reunion Special (aside from its newest addition, but more on him in a moment) for us were (A) Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn need to go back to hosting a nightly pop culture-focused show like Attack of the Show! because their chemistry is still on point, and (B) it appears the G4 is coming back. Soon. Somewhere. But until we have some more definitive answer, we learned this week that Adam Sessler couldn't wait for news on a permanent home to get his thoughts out on the good, bad, and everything in-between of Cyberpunk 2077.


In Sesslerpunk 2077, the X-Play host covers the game's origins, character designs, gameplay, and all things Keanu Reeves. But this is Sessler we're talking about, so we're also going to hear what he thinks about all of the bugs and glitches as well as how things have been handled by the company so far. And yes, dildos will be discussed.

In an interview last month with Variety, WWE wrestler, UpUpDownDown host, hardcore gamer, and now a new member of the G4 family Xavier Woods (aka Austin Creed) and G4's Head of Content Kevin Sabbe discussed what G4 will look like in 2020, and more:

So will G4 be on cable, Twitch, YouTube, streaming, or another platform? Yes. Promising that the new G4 isn't "just gonna be a cable channel tucked away" and that it was going to be "pretty ubiquitous," Sabbe says the brand will be pretty tough to miss. "We're gonna be everywhere on every platform. So it's a digital network, it's a linear network. We're kind of gonna be all over the place, and it will look different, but very much the same as what G4 was."

For Woods, the new G4 is all about bringing together communities bonded by gaming. "It's a space where you can go and see that yes, games are important, they are fantastic, but this is the gaming culture, not just video games as the game itself, but as a culture, as a community. That's why I think that G4 is gonna be incredible, and that's the space that I feel G4 is gonna fill, is to make you feel that sense of community."

While G4 will still maintain the original network's twisted, light-hearted approach, Woods says the faces in front of the camera will reflect our times. "Representation matters, representation is important, and especially representation in the games space, because I would say for the past decade, things have been changing. And it's such a great thing to know that video games especially, they are something that is for everyone. It is a safe space for everyone from all religions, all races, all creeds. Whatever you are, games are for you. And I think that G4 is going to do a fantastic job of making sure that the make-up of the channel represents the make-up of the gaming community."

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