Gal Gadot Will Voice Herself in an Episode of The Simpsons

Gal Gadot is lending her voice-talents to The Simpsons. She will be voicing herself in an episode titled "Bart's Not Dead" which will be part of the iconic shows 30th season that debuts this fall. Gal Gadot seems pretty excited about the opportunity, as she posted a video of herself signing The Simpsons wall.

I wonder which past episode of the show this will be modeled after. As we all know, The Simpsons has already done every type of story already. Will it involve a comic con? Will the Wonder Woman sequel be filming in Springfield for some reason? The title certainly doesn't give anything away. Maybe Bart runs away from home to be a part of some kind of show involving Gal Gadot as the star. There you go, that sounds like a Simpsons episode.

Gal Gadot
Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros.

I can't believe the show is turning 30 next year. With stars like Gadot and I am sure others joining in the celebration next year, it may be one of their best. I know people like to hate on it these days, but I have come around the last couple seasons. While they may never return to the glory of the first few season (my personal favorite is Season 6), the current run is not nearly as bad as everyone says it is. Hopefully Gal can help them create a modern Simpsons classic that will remind everyone how much they love the show to begin with.

Gal Gadot's episode of The Simpson, part of the shows 30th anniversary, will air this fall on Fox.

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