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Golden Girls, Queer Eye, Nailed It & More: 5 Holiday Serotonin Hits

TV shows & online entertainment from the world of YouTube often help distract us or give us much-needed joy. The world is insane, from people sucking up horse de-wormer to the existence of Joe Rogan, and it can feel like serotonin, and generally, uplifting content can be close to impossible to find. I don't blame your concern, there are only so many shows and real-life moments full of hetero-nonsense I can take. So while that one aunt keeps asking if you've become a "sheep of the deep state", mute your phone and watch a couple of episodes of one of these shows instead. From The Golden Girls, Nailed It!, and Without a Recipe, to New Girl and Queer Eye, there's a little something for everyone in the line-up below.

golden girls
Source: The Try Guys/ YouTube

Now here's a look at some of the programming set to bring a desperately-needed smile to our faces this holiday season:

"The Golden Girls": My hidden wish to own all the classy rattan furniture & a freezer full of cheesecake will always hit an all-time high when watching this series. Whoever you connect with, these gals are here for a plethora of topics and a laugh alongside a smile tends to be a guarantee.

"Nailed It!": I have believed at times that accomplishing an intricate cake design is possible from scratch, but then again that may have been that fun bit of mania after a depressive episode. We can all relate to the ups and downs of cooking or baking at some point, well don't feel alone and watch this series for a break from the baking hell of the holidays.

"Without A Recipe": The Try Guys are funny with or without needing to figure out a dish, but this series has been a favorite of mine since the beginning. Add in hilarious judging panels and mix it with odd b-roll footage outside the kitchen and you've got this excellent series.

"New Girl": This show has made me laugh & cry ( but in a nice cathartic way), so it makes sense I'd add this to a list giving off uplifting vibes. Also, you're lying if you say you don't have a favorite character and mine is Winston because he's an odd yet caring goofball.

"Queer Eye": Somehow this TV series gets me to show myself some self-care, some compassion, and whatever I need in the moment. The Fab Five is a great group to watch if needing that extra hand of support or quote that gets to you in a unique way.

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