Head of the Class: HBO Max Reboot Trailer Introduces New Cast

School is back in session as Isabella Gomez's Alicia Gomez tries to inspire her students in the new HBO Max reboot of Head of the Class much like Howard Hesseman's Charlie Moore did in the original ABC series created by Michael Elias and Richard Eustis in 1986. Following in its predecessor's footsteps, the Bill Lawrence adaptation will adopt a similar approach with a 21st century spin on the teacher trying to inspire his/her overachieving students to get more out of life than their grades. The trailer starts off with Alicia awkwardly introducing herself to her students.

Head of the Class HBO Max Reboot Trailer Introduces New Cast
Isabella Gomez in Head of the Class (2021). Photo courtesy of Nicole Wilder/HBO Max

The clip then has Jorge Diaz's Elliot Olsen describing their profession at the high school, "Our job, it's not like other gigs. Teaching is a calling." Alicia asks, "You're really into this teaching thing, huh?" "I'm a teacher, so…yeah" Elliot awkwardly responds. As we get the title card going, we have Brandon Severs' Terrell Smith debating, "And that's why it's unfathomable that anyone could argue plastic straws are better." Katie Beth Hall's Sarah Watson acknowledges, "Solid point. Too bad the topic was the North Korean missile crisis."

Head of the Class HBO Max Reboot Trailer Introduces New Cast
Gavin Lewis, Jolie Hoang Rappaport, Adrian Matthew Escalona, Dior Goodjohn in Head of the Class (2021). Photo by Monty Brinton/HBO Max

We get a nerdy moment with Adrian Matthew Escalona's Miles Mendelson, who likes ringing bells apparently. The clip shifts to Robin Givens' Darlene Merriman, who's the holdover from the original ABC series we know of so far, complimenting Alicia, "You are starting to remind me of my old honors program teacher. He was a giant hippie too" in a tongue-in-cheek moment. We're seeing a self-aware moment of sorts that Gomez like the reboot itself, will have a way to prove her worth to win over its namesake's original audience and newer ones who stumble upon the series.

The uplifting contemporary vibes seem to also be reminiscent of another high school sitcom reboot in Peacock's Saved by the Bell. Each of the student characters shows off their personalities. We also see Christa Miller naturally doing her schtick as we've grown fond of since her days on other Lawrence classics like Scrubs and Cougar Town showing us once again, "If it ain't broke…" The skeptic in me says it will take some getting used to like the Peacock series as well to judge it on its own merit. Head of the Class, which also stars Jolie Hoang Rappaport, Gavin Lewis, and Dior Goodjohn, streams on HBO Max on November 3. Check out our interview with Gomez here.

Head of the Class HBO Max Reboot Trailer Introduces New Cast
Courtesy of HBO Max / WarnerMedia

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