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Head of the Class: Season 01, Episode 06 Review: Lessons in Humility
I'm also enjoying Katie Beth Hall's Sarah gains a more significant presence with each episode showing that she's getting some of the best one-liners next to Escalona She's definitely her TV mom's daughter. Dior Goodjohn's Robyn is also coming more to her own becoming a grounding influence to Alicia while showing how well she wears her[...]
Head of the Class S01E03 Review: High School Musical-ish
Image courtesy of Monty Brinton / HBO Max/ WarnerMedia Head of the Class Goes Musical & Romcom Route The second primary arc is another example of the confusion that comes from adolescence with Terrell (Brandon Severs) & Sarah (Katie Beth Hall) and their potential mutual interest in one another, which is compounded by their classmates/friends also misreading[...]
Head of the Class HBO Max Reboot Trailer Introduces New Cast
As we get the title card going, we have Brandon Severs' Terrell Smith debating, "And that's why it's unfathomable that anyone could argue plastic straws are better." Katie Beth Hall's Sarah Watson acknowledges, "Solid point Too bad the topic was the North Korean missile crisis." Gavin Lewis, Jolie Hoang Rappaport, Adrian Matthew Escalona, Dior Goodjohn in[...]