HouseBroken Season 1 E03 Review: Quirky Group Begins Finding Its Voice

HouseBroken has begun to carve out its place in the adult animation landscape but like previous episodes, it still has some quirks to work out. Episode three "Who's Wild?" of the new-ish series aired on FOX on Monday night, an odd but chosen placement for animated shows for the network. Personally, I could see the series doing better if placed on a different day of the week, or in general not given the wild west of seasons being the summertime. In any case, the episode did well with what it's been given.

Housebroken Episode 3 Review: A Quirky Group Finally Finds Its Voice
Chief (left) and Honey (right). Source: FOX

The plot revolved around the attempt by Honey to include a wild animal, specifically a racoon, in the therapy group. Sadly, Honey's work, although pure at heart, didn't see the annoying and destructive power of this racoon who fights the grey cat and obstructs the problems of others in the group.

The moment where a large group of racoons presents itself suddenly in the kitchen of Honey and Chief's Owner's home was a laugh out loud moment. The animation style is there, it continues to have a fun identity, same with the few jokes sprinkled in HouseBroken, but there remains a slight gap in character development. It's something I hope phases out as episodes go on for the show, but that's up to decisions made in the scripts that dictate how these pets react or what they say towards each other. I love the chaotic nature of some characters like the grey cat being re-adopted by his cat-hoarding owner or Tabitha thinking two strippers are rescuing her from a short tree. Added characters like the previously mentioned racoon have been fun to include, they work well against the other pets and their personalities. I'm hopeful for the progression of these characters in the future. Let us know in the comments if you enjoyed this episode of HouseBroken!

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