HouseBroken Season 2 Episode 3 Preview: The Fleas Have Arrived!

Chico is getting itchy & Chief's extracurriculars are worrying Honey in these Season 2 preview images for the return of HouseBroken to FOX.

FOX TV's HouseBroken is back with season two on March 26th, and it looks like a flea invasion in the therapy group may not be the worst thing to happen in Honey's (Lisa Kudrow) week. Past episodes of the series can be watched on Hulu for those wishing to catch up before we pick back up where the holidays left us. When Chief (Nat Faxon) joins a walking group, a beautiful dog named Ruby tries to get close to him, but her intentions are not what they seem. Elsa's (Clea DuVall) quest to make female friends gets derailed when she becomes suspicious of Ruby. Meanwhile, Chico (Sam Richardson) befriends some bro fleas in the season premiere episode of HouseBroken airing Sunday, Mar 26 (9:30 – 10:00 PM) on FOX.

HouseBroken Season 2 Episode 1 Preview: The Fleas Have Arrived
Credit: Kapital Entertainment LLC and Fox Media LLC.

Also featuring the voices of Will Forte, Sharon Horgan, Tony Hale, and Jason Mantzoukas, the animated comedy HouseBroken follows a group of neighborhood pets and stray animals as they work through their issues inside and outside their therapy group. The group includes Shel (Forte), a sex-positive tortoise with intimacy issues and a knack for choosing unconventional partners; Tabitha (Horgan), an aging Persian cat beauty queen trying to adjust to life off the cat show circuit; The Gray One (Mantzoukas), a street smart cat who lives with about 30 other cats and has his one eye on Tabitha; Chico (Richardson), a chonky, co-dependent, and very naïve cat; and the group's newest member, Diablo (Hale), an anxious, sweater-wearing terrier whose OCD causes him to hump everything twice.

HouseBroken also includes Elsa (DuVall), a power-hungry, know-it-all Corgi and fake service dog who drives Honey crazy; Nibbles (guest voice Bresha Webb), a psychopathic hamster who is mourning the loss of her mate (whose face she ate…and everyone knows it); Max (Hale), George Clooney's pig, a former actor, and current status-obsessed a-hole; Bubbles (guest voice Greta Lee), a horny, teenage goldfish who lives with Honey and Chief, and heckles the animals any chance she gets; Tchotchke, a silent, and possibly magical, slow loris with a mysterious past, who uses a tiny cocktail umbrella to express his emotions; and Jill (guest voice Maria Bamford), Honey and Chief's human owner. But who cares? This is about animals.

The series is an irreverent look at human behavior but told through the filter of a quirky group of neighborhood pets. Throughout the series, the show centers on the pets' dysfunctional relationships and their skewed worldview while exploring relevant societal issues in fun and unique ways. HouseBroken is produced by Kapital Entertainment and FOX Entertainment. It is created and executive-produced by Gabrielle Allan, Jennifer Crittenden, and DuVall. Sharon Horgan, Clelia Mountford, Aaron Kaplan, and Dana Honor also serve as executive producers, with the series animated by Bento Box Entertainment.

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