Impact Preview: 2 Matches, Contract Signing Set for Tonight's Show

Greetings, comrades! It is I, your El Presidente, here with you today ahead of tonight's Impact Wrestling to continue my plans to redistribute the world's wealth one click at a time. Later tonight El Presidente will provide the most glorious of recaps of Impact Wrestling, but before then, amigos, I have this preview of tonight's show for you.

This week, The Good Brothers will sign the contract for their match at Sacrifice this weekend. Ace Austin will take on Chris Bey ahead of Austin's shot at the X-Division Championship at Sacrifice. And Shera and Rohit Raju will face James Storm and Chris Sabin to settle their differences from Swinger's Palace last week. X-Division Champion TJP will face Madman Fulton in Before the Impact, the pre-show. And the episode of Impact in 60 taking place after tonight's show will be focused on Eddie Edwards.

Amigos, check out all of the information above again for a second time in the gallery below. A little bit of redundancy never hurt anybody is what I always like to say. And if it manages to pad the wordcount enough for El Presidente to enjoy an extra margarita before the show stars, all the better, comrades. Haw haw haw haw! Until next time, remember: socialism or death!



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After a successful fourteen-year career as a South American dictator, El Presidente faked his own death in 2013 in order to pursue his two true passions: rigging American elections for Joe Biden, and wrestling dirt sheet reporting. Since opportunities to rig the election for Joe Biden were few and far between until recently, El Presidente mostly focused on the wrestling dirt sheet reporting, where he became one of the best in the business. Unfortunately, the American CIA sabotaged his 1-900 hotline, the pinnacle of his country's wrestling news technology, and imperialist hacks like Meltzer, Johnson, Sapp, and Satin took all the credit on their stupid websites. Finally, El Presidente has found a way to break into the American market by becoming a Bleeding Cool contributor, so get ready for the spread of great wrestling news and socialism, comrades!