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Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 5 Proved a Return to Form

MTV's Jersey Shore: Family Vacation wrapped up an enjoyable Season 5 with a season finale celebrating all things Vinny. As the Jersey Shore roommates followed Vinny's agenda for the first Vin Day celebration, things started out rough, but when all was said and done, everyone was forced to give Vinny props on his event planning skills. Yes, even Deena! Of course, that planning largely consisted of a trip to the strip club, but you have to know your audience, comrades! Haw haw haw haw!

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation screencap
Vinny hosts his own party at the strip club [Jersey Shore: Family Vacation screencap]
Greetings, comrades! It is I, your El Presidente, bringing you reviews of only the finest television shows: pro wrestling and reality television! This week was the airing of the final episode this season, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 5 Episode 29 "Vin Day." After a dismal pandemic period marked by transparently manufactured drama and empty resorts, this season of Jersey Shore was largely a return to form. The cast all felt like they were putting their real personalities and emotions on display, and though these aging former party animals may not get up to the same level of debauchery as before when letting themselves go, they proved they can still be very entertaining. And being able to interact with regular people in real plays a huge role in the success of the show.

But getting back to the fun part, the Jersey Shore gang's trip to the strip club reminded me of a hilarious story from the last time I went with a few of my buddies from the Autocratic Dictators' Association. One of the dancers was so attractive that my friend Vladimir got too excited and decided to give her a 10 million rouble tip. She was so pleased with this gesture that she went all out, but then Vlad realized he really needed the money back to purchase more missiles, or the elite was going to be hella pissed at him! Well, long story short, after lengthy and humiliating negotiation, Vlad finally got his money back, but not before the entire club had a good laugh at his expense, and the stripper was made governor of a small oblast near the coast.

It was quite the spectacle, and I'd have to say that the Jersey Shore friends' trip to the strip club was just as entertaining! Seeing Zack, who had never gone to a strip club before, react to J-Woww getting totally wasted and going all in on the strippers was a delight. The show also teased that hookup between Angelina and Vinny that fans and cast alike have been clamoring for, but instead, Vinny shared heartfelt advice on living as a single person in a friend group that consists mostly of families.

But most of all, comrades, it was nice to see everybody put aside the differences that had plagued them all season, from fights over Angelina's divorce to disputes about The Situation's loyalty to the aftermath of broken doors and thrown wine, as seems to happen every season, a few good meals and a night on the town got everyone feeling like a dysfunctional family once again. So, in that sense, it was a very fitting finale to the season and a testament to the enduring bond these friends share. And also a testament to the power of strippers.

In conclusion, comrades, I enjoyed this season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, and if the show can keep this up, I look forward to many future seasons to come. Until next time, comrades: socialism or death!

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