Joshua Bassett Set to Star in High School Musical: The Musical for the Disney Streaming Service

One of the odd things that Disney is doing with their streaming service is also one of the most meta things we've seen in a long time. Last month it was announced that the concept for the High School Musical show that would end up on Disney's streaming service was pretty meta in that it's a show based on kids performing High School Musical. Disney has become infamous now for making meta commentary on their own properties [see the Princess and true love cracks in Moana and Frozen] this idea makes sense even if the very concept is completely bonkers.

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We have some casting though. According to Deadline Joshua Bassett has been cast as Ricky. He's the lead in our series; an average student looking to win back his girlfriend by auditioning to be in the musical.

"Joshua's interpretation of the Ricky character was brilliant – funny, winning and, at the same time, uniquely vulnerable. The audience is going to love watching this charismatic young actor put his stamp on this next chapter of the High School Musical franchise" said Gary Marsh, President and Chief Creative Officer, Disney Channels Worldwide.

Bassett is no stranger to the stage, as Deadline notes, he's had roles in over 30 musical productions plus some commercial and TV experience.

"As someone whose childhood was shaped by the cultural phenomenon that is 'High School Musical,' I am thrilled to have the opportunity to continue to tell this story," said Bassett. "Go Wildcats!">/blockquote>

High School Musical: The Musical will likely drop with the Disney streaming service when it launches sometimes next year. We should expect more casting details soon as the show will have to start filming soon if it's planning on making that late 2019 release date.

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