Jujutsu Kaisen S01E20 "Nonstandard" Finds Gojo Going Extra: Review

Gojo goes extra on episode 20 of Jujutsu Kaisen, "Nonstandard"- basically reminding us all that we have only seen just snippets of what his real power truly is. We also get to see more of our favorite best friends, Aoi and Yuji. This episode was made for my fangirl heart to truly get more and more smitten with this anime– it kept me so enthralled it felt like it was only two minutes long.

Jujutsu Kaisen
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Yuji and Aoi's battle with Hanami is still ongoing. Their moves in total sync against the cursed spirit and coupled with Aoi's special technique, it became pretty much a dance getting the best of Hanami. In between shots we see Jujutsu Sorcerer Kento Nanami being interviewed about Black Flash and mentioning he holds the record, he states that the most it has been used in a day were four times. Then the scene comes back to Aoi and Yuju, Aoi then tearing up seeing his best friend use the Black Flash technique four times in a row against Hanami.

What I am most curious about are Aoi and his thought process. It is a different world inside his mind which I find amusing and relatable. We get to find out his IQ is insanely high and how he draws conclusions to his theories in 0.01 second while so much goes on inside his mind. Figuring out how Hanami's seeds work and stopping the course of his cursed energy right before getting hit in order to protect Yuji. He also reveals he is able to switch positions with inanimate objects just as he can with other people. In the midst of it, he grabs a hold of Maki's special-grade cursed tool in order to cause more damage to Hanami. That is when Hanami reveals how the flower over its shoulder works– by absorbing the life from nature around it.

That is when the fun for the cursed spirits stops and Gojo comes out to play. Right before Hanami opens up the Domain Expansion, we see the veil break and Gojo floating overseeing the different fights going on across the battlefield. We then see the moment from multiple perspectives. Gojo then notes Yuji has teamed up with Aoi and he is now on a much higher level than before. He then decides to jump into the battle with the old man Yoshinobu and Juzo ho created the veil in the first place. Right when Juzo is about to touch Gojo we see his limbs start to unravel while Yoshinobu asks Gojo to not kill him. While asking the old man to treat Juzo before he bleeds out, he realizes the one fighting Utahime, Nobara, and Mai disappeared.

Noticing he is almost out of time before Hanami runs away he unleashes a new cursed technique that blows away everything in its path until it reaches Hanami, not letting them know if it was exorcised or able to run away. Aoi then describes Gojo as "nonstandard as ever". Once again, Yuji's face is pretty much the reaction of the viewer. It should not be legal to fall to create such a perfect anime husbando like Gojo. He is this year's Kakashi to me. What I love most is how he just goes back to being silly Gojo like nothing happened. Though we see inside he is worried about something. Then it cuts to Mahito who managed to obtain a new Sukuna finger. I think it is time to get the Jujutsu Kaisen manga so I can get all the answers I need.

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