Jujutsu Kaisen S01E23 "Origin of Blind Obedience Part 2" Delivers Big

The story takes off exactly where it left off on Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 23 "The Origin of Blind Obedience Part 2" as Megumi takes on the cursed spirit that has been living by the Yasohachi Bridge. On their end, Yuji and Nobara go after two unexpected guests, the brothers of the Cursed Womb: Death Painting that Mahito brought to life.

As soon as they entered the cursed spirit's domain at the Yasohachi bridge, the team had to break up. First Yuji takes on Kechizu as Nobara and Megumi go "wack-a-mole" on the Diglett-like curse that has been haunting the location for years. They start gaining momentum when Nobara gets taken over by Eso taking their battle outside. The demon-like curse then tells Nobara they are on a mission and tells her they are not there to kill them. I am pretty sure this has to do with Mahito's plan to get all the fingers. They clearly have something in motion considering they had previously mentioned there would be an event taking place on October 31st.

Jujutsu Kaisen
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As Yuji and Nobara are busy on their end, Megumi finishes all the mole-curses and yet the domain remains. He suddenly comes to realize all the weird events started at the same time Yuji started swallowing Sukuna's fingers noticing a correlation between all the cursed sprits' attack possibly triggered by Sukuna's gaining power back. As Megumi's mind is racing the cursed spirit who carries Sukuna's finger makes an appearance and the battle starts.

Between the battles, we start getting flashbacks of Megumi's past and how he felt toward his sister. We get to find out from his perspective how he ended up under Gojo's care after being sold to the Zenin clan by his own dad who pretended to be someone else for years under the last name Fushiguro. According to his memories, he sees Gojo as someone who took advantage of the situation in order to get means for living. However, I get the impression there might be a little more to the story than what Megumi is aware of. I mean, really dude? He got sold to the clan and their parents took off? That is some shitty ass parenting and I know I took it way too personal cause I like Megumi.

As the cursed spirit is about to get the best of Megumi, he remembers a conversation he had with Gojo sensei after the Kyoto sister school exchange event. This is definitely one of the best moments in this episode and shows so much of each character in just a small conversation as Gojo encourages Megumi to let go of his restraints as they are self-imposed and just grow freely. At this moment we see Megumi break and his face turn manic as he creates his own Domain Expansion and even though it is incomplete, does he manage to kick some ass. He declares he will just envision a future self in which he is able to act freely and grow with no self-imposed steps. In just seconds he beats the curse and gets the finger after realizing his Divine Dog's claws are able to cause major damage on his last battle.

After exorcising the cursed spirit the domain breaks and he collapses with Sukuna's finger in hand. He then remembers his sister and asks her to wake up in his mind as he passes out while wondering how to break the news to Yuji of the finger. As the Domain breaks Nobara and Eso also halt feeling the presence of Sukuna's finger. Eso starts bouncing and while Nobara complains he tells her if she sees his back he will have to kill her, but then Yuji and Kechizu come up from behind and see it themselves angering Eso and we get to see his ridiculous back before the episode ends.

It is definitely time for us to see Nobara kick butt next to Yuji. I really have come to love the relationship between our main trio. No forced relationships, just friendship that has come to grow organically. I have to add though, my second favorite part of this episode of Jujutsu Kaisen was the Juju Stroll bit after the credits where the team tries to sabotage a conversation between Megumi and a random girl. I am a sucker for when we get Megumi, Yuji, Nobara, and Gojo acting all silly. Not to mention we get super hot Gojo promising to teach Megumi Twinkle Star on violin. My first favorite? Megumi finally snapping.

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