Kairi Sane Posts Photos of Injury from Last Night's Nia Jax Match

WWE Superstar Kairi Sane took to Twitter to show off the head wound she received during her match with Nia Jax on last night's episode of Monday Night Raw. Jax tossed Sane into the ring steps, causing a massive cut on her head. It's the latest incident in which Jax has either injured or nearly injured an opponent. "You are strong. I have lost to you many times," Sane tweeted alongside the photos. "I am small and you may think I'm weak.  However, you can never beat my heart. I will get back up again."

On the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer discussed the injury, with Alvarez claiming a backstage source said Jax should be fired. "I don't know, she was way to close to throw her," Meltzer said. Alvarez read a text message from his source, who he didn't name, which said, "1000% Nia's fault. She needs to be f**king fired. Fire her before she cripples or kills somebody." "When you whip somebody to the steps, you do it from far away so they're in complete control of the run into the steps," Meltzer commented. "She threw her hard, and she was way too close to throw her." "The only way that she would have been out of control is if she was thrown very hard right into those steps," Alvarez said.

WWE taped the match last week, so the final version that aired on Raw last night, which did show the spot where the injury occurred, avoided showing the injury or the blood on Sane. WWE recently reportedly banned the Turnbuckle Powerbomb after Jax tossed Sane dangerously into the corner in another match a few weeks ago while attempting to execute the move. Jax is related to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, so it's unlikely any disciplinary action will occur. Below, click through to the tweet to see the photos Kairi Sane posted on Twitter.

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