Let's Talk About GLOW Season 2 Episode 1, "Viking Funeral"

The second season of Netflix series GLOW about the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling is back, and better than ever. The Golden Globe nominated series that celebrates all things girl power and amazing odd-ball Netflix comedy continues to entertain, as well as capture the essence of what a true ensemble cast is.

Let's Talk About GLOW Season 2 Episode 1, "Viking Funeral"

Season 2 of GLOW begins with episode 1, "Viking Funeral":

  • The episode begins with Ruth (Alison Brie) trying to get a "first day of work" photo, with all the ladies
  • Shelia (Gayle Rankin) calls the group photo history, but of COURSE she's out of film in her little polaroid
  • Debbie (Betty Gilpin) is at the dry cleaner's trying to get her costume, but her divorce creates some tension.
  • Sam (Mark Maron) is snorting coke in his car. Ruth sees him, jumps in, and starts telling him all her ideas for how to help make things better.
  • "My costume still smells like beer and racism."
  • Tensions between Ruth and Debbie are still high, even after the break
  • The ladies get into costumes, and they meet Yolanda (Shakira Barrera), who is joining the show.
  • Sam gives the girls new contracts, but Debbie doesn't sign hers yet
  • Ruth continues to ask him questions, and Sam tells her to go play Alma Hitchcock and make everyone feel special
  • Ruth of course takes it too far, and nabs camera guy Russell and the girls to go film a promo
  • Some super cute damn montages of the ladies filming their promos, through the food court and all over the mall.
  • They even make friends with the local security guard, who just happens to also be an actor.
  • Debbie offers Ruth a ride, and let's slip that she is indeed getting a divorce
  • Sam heads home and Justine (Britt Barton) is making t-shirts for her boyfriend's band
  • They still haven't really figured out what they're doing as far as last season's reveal of familial bonds.
  • Debbie goes to meet with the station manager to negotiate the contracts, because she feels she's worth more.
  • The next day, Ruth shows off her promo video, and Sam does not take it well.
  • Sam fires Reggie for standing up to him, for pointing out that Ruth is who directed the pilot.
  • Debbie lays her new contract down for Sam, revealing that she's now a producer on the show, and Sam yells at Ruth that she, like everyone else on the show, is replaceable.


Some really strong set ups for where the rest of the season might head, the mentions of the ladies saying they have more fun when Ruth directs, etc. It's possible we'll see Sam have some kind of explosion (again) in his personal life, more than likely triggered by his daughter.

GLOW season 2 is currently on Netflix.

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