Let's Talk About GLOW Season 2, Episode 3, 'Concerned Women of America'

The second season of Netflix series GLOW about the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling is back, and better than ever. The Golden Globe nominated series that celebrates all things girl power and amazing odd-ball Netflix comedy.

The performances are top notch (comedy is often an overlooked genre as far as excellence goes) but these ladies are at the top of their games and completely dedicated to the series.


If you missed season 2 episode 2 "Candy of the Year", you can catch up here.

GLOW season 2 episode 3 "Concerned Women of America":

  • The episode opens with what Cherry has been up to since getting fired from GLOW. She's doing a cop show, stunts and all
  • A letter from the Concerned Women of America mentions the dangers of the occult on the youth of America, and the 'blatant sexuality' of the show.
  • The station manager tells them they need to make allotments or else- and Debbie steps in to deliver a PSA of somekind
  • Sam tells Debbie to write it up, and she can be in charge of the production of it.
  • Camera guy asks Ruth out- and he's pretty cute about it
  • Debbie has Ruth help her write the PSA, and it's awkward as shit because it's very much part of what they lived through.
  • Who knew Sheila was so good at typing?
  • Cherry continues to run into problems on her show, the producers decide to change her look
  • The PSA has Bash and Justine playing the youngsters in the vid, and Sam keeps getting overly protective
  • The PSA is pretty adorable, but Betty decides to rerecord her voice over, which completely fraks up the date of Ruth and CameraGuy.
  • She's totally doing it on purpose.
  • Sam goes to visit Cherry, and lays it out to her that her acting is crap.
  • He gets her out of her show contract, and gives the network other ideas
  • The rest of the GLOW ladies have a party at their hotel, and things don't go so great for Melrose after she trades her lucky jacket to Fortune Cookie for an 'ancient Cambodian remedy'
  • Debbie and Ruth finish up the promo, and Debbie pretty much lets it be known that she did in fact purposely mess up Ruth's date.


Man, every time I think Debbie is over her issues with Ruth, she does something else that ensures Ruth remains miserable.

GLOW season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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