Let's Talk About GLOW Season 2, Episode 4, 'Mother of all Matches'

The second season of Netflix series GLOW about the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling is back, and better than ever. The Golden Globe nominated series that celebrates all things girl power and amazing odd-ball Netflix comedy.

The performances are top notch in both performance and athleticism-  these ladies are at the top of their games and completely dedicated to the series.

Let's Talk About GLOW Season 2, Episode 4, 'Mother of all Matches'

If you missed season 2 episode 3 "Concerned Women of America", you can catch up here.

The big thing about "Mother Of All Matches" that I personally am most looking forward to is who directed it- Mr. John Cameron Mitchell along with Mark A. Burley.

  • The episode opens with some trash talkin promos of Welfare Queen and Liberty Belle, setting up the MOTHER OF ALL MATCHES, "Battle for the Crown"
  • Tammé stops by a fast food joint, picking up some food for her son, who she says is at Stanford
  • Debbie drops off her son at daycare, and spends the rest of the day getting ready to film her match
  • After a phonecall from her ex husband's secretary asking for the bed model (SERIOUSLY WHO FREAKING DOES THAT) Debbie has a slight freakout
  • Tammé is dropping her son off at college, and apparently she didn't tell him about the GLOW gig
  • Wellllll he finds out because a gentleman with a camera recognizes her from the show, which is great but awwwwkward
  • Debbie manages to sell her bed, and goes on a whole bent of selling everything in her house
  • Tammé's son is concerned about the character she plays, and demands to go with her to the taping
  • Debbie (Betty Gilpin) is breaking my heart here with her story about seeing herself in her son's face, but how he's changing to look more like his dad
  • The taping starts, Tammé and Debbie discuss their children and share a beverage
  • Liberty Belle has a great entrance, but backstage we see Welfare Queen's struggle before she comes out
  • She's getting booed by the crowd, and the match starts with some good back and forth with a staged chicken-call
  • Welfare Queen hits Liberty Belle with a chair (sponsored by Patio Town) and the match gets going
  • Some really great moves in the match, great stunts
  • Tammé sees her son's disappointment during the match, and we see her pause and question things
  • Liberty Belle beats Welfare Queen, taking the crown fair and square
  • Some continued gigging which includes the crowd chanting for Welfare Queen to "Get a Job", and Tammé runs from the stage in tears after seeing her son's face
  • The crowd has turned on Liberty Belle, but Ruth thinks quick and comes up with a great save.
  • After the show, Tammé and her son have a heart to heart, and they end in a better place then they were before.
  • Back at Debbie's, her ex is in the now empty house, and both reads her the riot act but makes some good points.


Some pretty great stuff in this episode, less aquanet and glitter tights and more on the women behind the characters. Probably some of the best choreography so far in the ring. Betty Gilpin is a treasure.

GLOW season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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