Let's Talk About 'The X-Files' Season 11 Finale, Episode 10

I'll admit- when FOX announced they were bringing back their landmark drama The X-Files for an additional season, I wasn't too happy. It was my favorite tv show growing up (aside from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), and I made my peace with it ending long ago.  Then, the network brought back the show last year for a 6 part mini-season, which left me more angry than anything else. The same thing happened with the first episode of season 11, but there were definately some bright points.

Most of those came from episodes that Chris Carter (The X-Files creator) had NOTHING TO DO WITH.  He's long said he's the worst at dealing with his own creation's mythos, and that was made apparent again with some parts (*cough* the premiere *cough*) and some other moments during the season.

What was pleasantly surprising though was the depth of the Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) relationship moments. Finally, the couple we've wanted to believe in for all these years is admitting to themselves (and us) that they are what we've wanted them to be for all this time.

Let's Talk About 'The X-Files' Season 11 Finale, Episode 10

That brings me to the finale, The X-Files  s11e10 "My Struggle IV".  Episode synopsis reads: "Mulder and Scully rush to find an on-the-run William; the Cigarette Smoking Man pushes forward with this ultimate plan."

Things that happened:

  • The episode begins with William informing the audience that he knows who he is, who is mother is
  • He tells us about his psychic connection to her, that they share visions of the future
  • He reveals his adoptive parents were killed by government dudes, and that is father REALLY IS CSM AND NOW I'M MAD AND YELLING AGAIN BECAUSE GODDAMNIT I WAS HOPING IT WAS A FAKEOUT
  • Back over at the FBI- Kursh tells Skinner he's closing the X files, and that he wants Mulder and Scully's badges
  • CSM calls Skinner and says he'll deploy the contagion unless William gets brought to him
  • Agent Reyes calls Mulder and Scully to tell them William is being transported, but Scully 'knows' Reyes is lying
  • Scully sends Mulder off to save William, telling him "just come back alive"
  • Mulder breaks into a facility, neutralizes the agents and gets to Mr. Y, who he shoots.
  • William is running as best he can, and hitches a ride with a truck driver. Mulder somehow tracks them down
  • OMG William just Large Marged that poor truck driver
  • Meanwhile Scully is calling Tad O'Malley (Joel McHale) to warn him about the contagion
  • William goes back to the town he was living in, and visits one of two ex girlfriends. He confides in one of them that he's ready to die, that he can't keep going on. She sends him out the back door, as a knock on the front happens, and it's Mulder trying to track him down.
  • Mulder finds William at a hotel, and the two finally meet.
  • "You're taller than me."
  • The other agents track Mulder and William to the hotel, and William straight up makes them explode from the inside out. So long, Barbara Hershey
  • Skinner shows up and drives Scully to track down Mulder and Scully, and begins to tell her the truth of William's father
  • Skinner and Scully track William to the docks, and she runs after him through dark passages
  • Skinner faces off against a waiting car with Reyes and CSM in it, and he ends up having to kill Reyes. The car keeps coming though, and Skinner has to dive under another car to hopefully avoid being run over. He almost makes it, his legs are shown pinned under a wheel. CMS picks up Skinner's discarded gun and goes into the warehouse
  • William takes the shape of Mulder, and talks to Scully, telling her that 'William knows you love him', and then the real Mulder runs by and interrupts them
  • 'Mulder' and CSM come face to face, and 'Mulder' says she doesn't think that CSM could do it, Kill his first born. But he does, shooting him in the head.
  • The real Mulder comes out of the dark and shoots CSM at least five times in the chest, and sees William floating in the water.
  • Scully comes running out seconds later, and tells Mulder the truth she learned. That William was an experiment, created in a lab
  • "For so long, I've believed, and what am I if I'm not a father?" he sobs
  • Scully takes his hand, and puts it on her lower abdomen, you know, TELLING HIM THAT SHE'S FUCKING PREGNANT WITH HIS CHILD
  • "But that's impossible," he says. "No, it's a miracle," she says back
  • OH GUESS WHAT William isn't dead!
  • Annnnd that's it. That is. WHAT. Well, obviously they're hoping to get another season out of this, despite Gillian Anderson's adamant insistence that she's done with the series.

As a longtime Mulder x Scully lover, this reveal at the end has made me ridiculously happy, even though I'm still angry about the entire CSM pretty much raping Scully at the lakehouse and stuff.

I can't say I want more of The X-Files at this point, but if it does come back, you can count on me watching it.

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