Looks Like Nobody Wants to Go to Baron Corbin's Cookout

It's a sad day for the reign of WWE star Baron Corbin. King Corbin took to Twitter Sunday to announce plans to cook chicken on the grill, but unlike fellow WWE star Renee Young, none of his colleagues have chimed in to ask for a taste of his cooking. Despite the disappointing response from fellow wrestlers, Corbin pressed on with the cookout, grilling some nicely seasoned chicken wing sections anyway.

Baron Corbin is looking pretty proud, courtesy of WWE.
Baron Corbin is looking pretty proud, courtesy of WWE.

"Getting my wing on today!" Corbin tweeted, posting a photo of the seasoned wings divided into two trays. "Going to fire the green egg up and smoke these bad boys." The Green Egg is a ceramic charcoal BBQ grill that allows for grilling, smoking, roasting, and searing. Corbin soon posted another photo showing the chicken in position on the grill, noting, "Nice clean smoke starting to roll. See you in 20-25 min."

While Baron Corbin's chicken grilling isn't setting the wrestling world on fire, I'm glad to see The King is pressing ahead with the project for his own enjoyment. In recent weeks, wrestlers from various promotions have gone out of their way to praise the culinary skills of WWE commentator Renee Young. Young's attempt at replicating a Japanese corn soup recipe earned comments from across the wrestling world last weekend and her recent announcement of plans to make Yorkshire pudding as part of an attempt to perfect a Sunday roast lineup garnered drooling comments from many of her colleagues.

For Baron Corbin, fellow wrestlers may not be willing to recognize his greatness, both in the ring and at the grill. Perhaps they're jealous of the five-star classic he put on against Elias on Smackdown this past Friday. Nevertheless, fans like The Chadster appreciates everything Corbin does, and if no one else will say it, I will: I'd love to eat your chicken wings, King. At press time, Corbin's wings were still on the grill, and while wrestlers may be silent, plenty of Corbin's fans were waiting anxiously to see the results.

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