Major Match Booked for Next Week's Being the Elite: BTE 204 Recap

A major wrestling match has been booked for next week's episode of Being the Elite, revealed on today's episode, Being the Elite #204. But before we get to that, let's do the recap of the show. The show began with a Zoom call between Kenny Omega and Colt Cabana. Cabana got Kenny's Zoom number from the Young Bucks, but Kenny is not pleased to receive a call from the "son of a bitch." Colt makes reference to the CM Punk lawsuit while talking about not needing any more heat. Colt wants to be on Being the Elite so he can become a star. Kenny sees a lot of himself in Colt, but he is afraid that Colt will steal his spot if he's allowed on the show.

Back at Matt Jackson's house after the Being the Elite intro, Matt's wide wants him to take the trash out after he places a yogurt cup on top of an already full can. He doesn't want to do it, so he takes a bump into the wall and blades. Matt's wife takes out the trash. Back to the Zoom call between Kenny Omega and Colt Cabana, Kenny is going on about a school Christmas play where Willem Dafoe stole a role from Kenny. Since then, he's been afraid of someone taking his spot, and he can't trust Colt. But Colt argues that by telling him this, Kenny has opened up and is in fact trusting Colt.

Now we see a recap of Hangman Page seemingly putting out the hit on Private Party. Isaiah Kassidy tells Mark Quen he knows Page is behind it. They call Page, but he denies it. Private Party challenges Page to a match next week. Private Party will fight Bonez (the Boogeyman) and The Bear in a backyard match.

A big match booked for Being the Elite #205 on Memorial Day
A big match booked for Being the Elite #205 on Memorial Day

Next we see the Young Bucks talking about Matt's blade job. Broken Matt Hardy interjects with Terms of the Inside to explain the terms "color" and "hard way."  The Bucks show off property 3 at the BTE Compound, where there's a new wrestling ring under construction. The Bucks can use it to practice while they're quarantining. We see the ring being built in fast motion. Back to the Zoom call, Kenny says he'll come up with an angle for himself and Colt. Kenny wants to give the spotlight to Colt, but he sees it as a long term angle that might not play out for another 100 episodes. Colt seems less than enthused. He says he's gonna call Nick Jackson and let him know about the plan.

Hangman Page is still living in the woods. He is drinking his own urine. He saw a bald eagle while he was in the woods, which gave him the feeling he should go home. But the woods are great for quarantine because he can't infect anyone and they can't infect him. Plus, he's becoming friends with the animals. But back at home, he was having the "run of his life" eating toast and cleaning things. He doesn't think he can get his momentum back if he does return. He rambles on for a while about riding a dead horse into the sunset. Ultimately, he decides to go home because he's out of whiskey.

Watch Being the Elite #204 below, and The Chadster will see you back here next week to talk about that big match.

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