Mike Colter And Finn Jones Roundtable Interview: The Greatest Bromance In The Making

Mike Colter And Finn Jones Roundtable Interview: The Greatest Bromance In The Making

Interview courtesy of Bleeding Cool's Kaitlyn Booth.

Ahh, Luke Cage and Iron Fist right next to each other, joking with each other, and just chatting.

I mean, yeah, it's Mike Colter and Finn Jones, but still, it's Luke Cage and Danny Rand, the greatest dynamic duo in comic books. Don't give me that Batman and Robin crap or even the "World's Finest" Superman and Batman. It's all about that Luke and Danny. Also, Hawk and Dove, but mostly Luke Cage and Danny Rand.

What made it even better was how well they played off of one another. They joke around a lot and seem generally comfortable around each other. Finn Jones, who seemed pretty nervous during our previous press line interview with him, particularly seemed more at ease with Colter next to him. Hopefully this kind of kinship will be apparent in the Defenders show itself.

mike Colter

One of the earlier questions was in regards to what it was like shooting with multiple other lead actors, and they both agreed that it gave them more time to work and rest. Colter jokingly put more emphasis on the latter of those two activities.

Another question brought up the potentiality of sexual tension, considering that Luke and Jessica were once lovers, Claire and Matt shared a romantic spark, and Claire is now with Luke. Colter took the lead on this one, joking about how we never see Matt and Claire actually have sex in the show. He talks about how, considering the Alias comics, it seems inevitable that Luke Cage and Jessica Jones will end up together. However, they both need time to work things out, and Luke and Claire still need to have "coffee."

An interviewer asked what episodes of the original seasons should be watched to best understand The Defenders. Colter said that the origin episodes of each character are the most relevant. Jones talked about the importance of understanding Danny Rand's need for friendship and allies and that Iron Fist is "not a stereotypical superhero."

The idea of individual crossovers between the series came up, and the two downplayed it quite a bit. Jones talked about how each hero has their own issues to deal with. Colter proposed the idea that they may not all be on the best of terms by the end of Defenders. Someone may answer the phone with "New phone, who dis?" as he put it. That being said, neither said that it was an impossibility.

It's pretty delightful watching these two play off of one another, and it's well worth your time to watch it.

Also, take a look at David F. Walker and Sanford Greene's recent Power Man and Iron Fist series for some team-up greatness with these two. There of course is the classic Luke Cage and Iron Fist: Heroes for Hire series. The Immortal Iron Fist from 2006 has Luke in it quite a bit, too. Brian Michael Bendis' post-Siege New Avengers work has a lot of good moments with the two of them too. Bendis' new Defenders work is shaping up to have a lot of good moments with the two of them, as well.

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