"Mr. Robot": USA Network Offers Season 3 Recap Video – Yes, Another Recap Video [VIDEO]

Good news, Mr. Robot fans – after years of radio silence, this week we finally are innudated with more Mr. Robot than we know what to do with.

Today we get a full recap of the third season, but not with the actors and creators telling us what happened, no. The ten minute video is comprised of clips – think of it as a highlight reel, or a "best of" the season.

It gets you up to speed with everything you may have forgotten and makes sure you're ready and all caught up for Sunday's premiere of season four… and yes, there will be MAJOR SPOILERS:

Now, we've recapped this show in nauseum, it seems, but I'll humor USA Network – maybe because they're hanging so much on this and they don't have another show of the same magnitude coming along to fill its shoes.

So, we press on. We see Angela go from E Corp employee to hard shiny plastic to actual human — no, wait. That's mean girls. Angela goes from E Corp to Dark Army to completely off the deep end, spying on Elliot and manipulating him.

Darlene is spying on Elliot, but for the other side: the FBI. That is, until the last episode in the barn where things kind of go a little…bloody. Now Dom is the Dark Army's new FBI informant. Hooray.

Tyrell just wants to see his family…but too bad his wife is dead and his son was kidnapped by the Dark Army. He's probably not either of them anytime soon…like ever. He finally got everything he wanted – CTO of E Corp. Too bad it cost him basically everything.

"Mr. Robot": USA Network Offers Season 3 Recap Video – Yes, Another Recap Video [VIDEO]
USA Network

Let's see…White Rose is still playing a game of cat and mouse with Phillip Price (Oh, he's Angela's father, BTW). Hackers gonna hack…

Speaking of hackers and hacking, Elliot and Mr. Robot are at odds with each other, which gets increasingly awkward, given that it's a fight club type situation and they occupy the same body.

Mr. Robot wants the Dark Army off their back but doesn't see a way to do this without going along with them or ending up dead; Elliot just wants everyone to live and things to go back to normal and sunshine and rainbows and a cute drug dealer girlfriend on every block.

Well Elliot, people in hell probably want ice water; we can't always get what we want. But if we try sometimes, you might find, you get a fail safe email from Trent and undo the hack. Yes, really.

The last thing we see is Elliot hitting enter and returning things to how they were before five/nine…but will things really go back to how they were before? Only season 4 can answer that question… and USA Network has that set for October 6.

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