My Hero Academia S06 Trailer: Training's Over, Now It's Time For War

As if we were not already excited enough, a new trailer for My Hero Academia Season 6 has been released by TOHO Animation before its premiere on October 1st. After pumping us up with the OVAs released this Summer, we are reminded that things are about to get tough for our heroes with the new trailer and how everyone seems to gear up as things escalate. There had been previous key art releases showing Deku surrounded by his usual green aura and mirrored by Shigaraki in dull purple, with what appeared to be bubbles as if he was underwater. This image was pretty effective in setting a tone as it did not just hint but showed they will be the main focus of the upcoming Paranormal Liberation War. The next image released showed very somber Pro Heroes.

My Hero Academia Season Six Coming to Crunchyroll in October
"My Hero Academia Season Six" key art: Crunchyroll

The official art and previous official trailer released had done a great job at showing how much the tone has and will continue changing throughout this season, as well as how much both characters have changed and how confident and determined they have become in fulfilling their purpose for the side they each stand for. Both had a very somber tone and showed Pro Heroes standing in what seems like something big, as we see shadows of other Pro Heroes lined up behind. Not even Hawks had his usual confident grin, which says a lot— not often are we presented with a serious version of him. Which is only fair after the end of last season and how things had built up.

The trailer released today was longer and seems to show more gearing up as things escalate toward a showoff between the Heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front. The animation seems to be on tone, and the imagery they present us with is quite worrisome: heroes, villains, meetings with pro-heroes, heroes on watch… Lots of red and dark purple. We see the All Might statue turn black as the background sky flashes red, and this is the worst omen to me. It seems the only genuine smiles we get in the trailer are from villains. The only smiles we see from our heroes are in-fight wicked grins from Bakugo, Kaminari, and Mirko. This season seems to be packed with so much action, and I am here for it and cannot wait! The trailer also previews the new opening theme, "Hitamuki" by Super Beaver.

Honestly? It makes me feel so much better than the OVA's were released in the Summer instead of being released as episodes within the season. With what seems to be a very emotionally-heavy season, I am not sure if having light moments like those would have fit within. I think it was also a great idea to portray the changes of tone: no more light-heartedness seems to be in the near future for our heroes in training— things are definitely getting dark and serious.

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