"My Hero Academia" Season 4 "GO!!" Felt Like the Calm Before the Villainous Storm [SPOILER REVIEW]

This week's episode of My Hero Academia started off pretty much where it left off – and then took off like a rocket from there. While I was not happy we did not get amuch Class 1-A, I really appreciated the little moments they pepper in every once in awhile to show they are still just a tightly-knit bunch that care about each other and also to show how they have grown as characters. This episode was truly packed with emotion, anticipation, and the promise of action.

"GO!!" was able to portray the anxiety and expectation the heroes and Work Studies students were feeling, especially Deku and Mirio. It felt like the ticking before a bomb goes off. We saw Eraserhead asking Tsuyu, Ochaco, Kirishima, and Deku what they want to do in regards to the situation given that they are only students, and their eagerness to help save Eri from the Shie Hassaikai. While they doubt if they can be any help, Tamaki admits there must be something special about them that even the heroes have them as part of this plan.

Once again, it is also shows how close Class 1-A is: classmates are noticing the changes in Deku, Tsuyu, Ochaco, Kirishima's behavior. They take notice there is something wrong with Deku as he seems to be going through a really hard time. At one point, Deku admits how heavy this situation with Eri and All Might weigh on his heart. It was even more effective when we get to see through his eyes, all misty through tears. If it was not already heartbreaking enough, Iida and Torodoki asking if he is okay, and repeating back to Deku his own words from the second season, "If you ever feel hopeless, let me know. We're frends, right".

This sense of heaviness was made even more urgent when Deku bursts into tears in front of his friends while swallowing his food in a hurry before cleaning his eyes as he says "heroes don't cry". Surprisingly, it was Todoroki who replied comfortingly, saying "No, I think heroes cry when they need to, too. Probably." I think this was one of the nicest gestures. We have seen how Deku has inspired all of his classmates to continuously give the best of them, so it was nice of them to show him in return that they can be there for him as well. We see Iida and Todorokin understand that he can probably not talk about it, so instead they start offering him food from their own plates.

my hero academia
MY HERO ACADEMIA (Bones/Funimation)

Another super effective story-telling device in this episode was the cuts between Point-of-Views. We see Pro-Heroes working behind the scenes trying to pinpoint the location of Shie Hassaikai. And thanks to Sir Nighteye successfully zeroing in on a suspect and using his foresight, he is able to discover that Eri is being hidden in the house of the head of the Shie Hassaikai. This is also something else I really have liked this season: how serious they seem to take and represent the inner turmoil in the characters – in this case, Sir Nighteye.

After finally getting summoned for another briefing and being told they will get the chance to rescue Eri, Mirio and Deku seem to return a bit back to their normal energetic selves. Once again we see Sir Nighteye recognizing how hard the regret must have weighted on Mirio's heart—the failure taking action that same day to save Eri. He mentions something very interesting about having to live with the regret, but most importantly: learning from it. Making the past a lesson and interpreting it to change the way one sees things. And this makes me wonder why he does not think it is possible to change the future. It just made my skin crawl with the sense of foreshadowing.

my hero academia
MY HERO ACADEMIA (Bones/Funimation)

We see that the Police and Pro-Heroes have been working together in order to search the Shie Hassaikai's facilities: They even obtained a search warrant! I truly love how they really tried to make this story believable in terms of grounding it to reality—simple stuff like this goes a long way in terms of keeping people watching. I know I am constantly picking at random little things that can take me out of the story.

Before going in Eraserhead tells Deku he will be moving along with the Night agency. Little throwback to last episode when he tells Deku that he will not stop him from saving the girl, but instead he will keep an eye on him to make sure Deku does things properly this time. Things definitely start taking off even faster than expected as they just sprint into action right before cutting to credits – and setting things up nicely for next episode, "Suneater of the Big Three".

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