NWA Releases Video Promoting Return at Back for the Attack on Fite

The NWA has released a new video on YouTube simply titled "we're back," promoting the company's return with a special Back for the Attack event on March 21st, to be followed by the return of NWA Powerrr. Powerrr will now air exclusively on Fite.

The NWA returns in March with new episodes of POWERRR streaming only on FITE for subscribers.
The NWA returns in March with new episodes of POWERRR streaming only on FITE for subscribers.

NWA's return was announced in a press release earlier this week, explaining a move from a free YouTube model to a subscription model via Fite.

March 2, 2021, New York — FITE,the premier global digital platform for sports and entertainment, announced today that the National Wrestling Alliance will return on March 21st at 4pm ET with a live Pay Per view event; relaunching the promotion since it went on hiatus due to the global pandemic. Following the 'Back For The Attack' PPV, the NWA will resume a full schedule of NWA POWERRR events on Tuesdays at 6:05pm ET beginning on March 23rd, available via a low-cost subscription bundle.

NWA owner Billy Corgan had the following to say about the return:

For so many, this last year or so has been challenging on just about every level imaginable, and what's been difficult is that we haven't been able to help as we'd like: by entertaining and putting on the best show possible for our great NWA fans. And so in that we can't thank FITE enough for becoming our exclusive broadcast partner going forward, and affording us this great opportunity to bring back POWERRR as well as regularly scheduled PPV's.

The first show will be Back for the Attack, though no card has yet been announced for the broadcast. Even still, you can pre-order the event on Fite here. Check out the video NWA posted on its YouTube page today below.

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