NXT TakeOver: In Your House Recap

Hey gang!  It's TakeOver time and nostalgia time as we get ready to head back to the mid-1990s for one night with NXT TakeOver: In Your House.  NXT champion Karrion Kross will have his hands full in tonight's main event, as he will defend his title against four challengers in a Fatal 5-Way Match for the NXT title.  Enough out of me; let's get to some wrestling action!

NXT TakeOver: In Your House - How The Show Is Taking Shape Thus Far
The official logo for NXT TakeOver: In Your House, courtesy of WWE.

We open with NXT's version of the mid-90s WWF intro, you know the one:

Naomi Fox singing the In Your House theme song.  She then tosses it to our host for the night, "The Toddster" Todd Pettengill, who welcomes us to the show.

MSK & Bronson Reed vs. Legado del Fantasma – Winners get NXT North American Title & NXT Tag Team Titles

Lee and Mendoza start with a series of fast-paced reversals.  Carter and Wilde tag in and exchange kicks and reversals on the ropes.  Escobar tags in and demands Carter tag in Reed, which he does.  They exchange words, and Escobar blind tags Mendoza.

NXT TakeOver: In Your House Recap
NXT tag champs MSK & NXT North American champ Bronson Reed vs. Legado del Fantasma with all the titles on the line, courtesy of WWE.

Mendoza tries using his speed against Reed, but to no success, as Reed catches him with a hard clothesline.  Mendoza tries a sunset flip, but Reed just sits on his chest and flattens him.  Escobar tags in and eats a big slam from Reed.  He quickly tags in Wilde, who gets a military press from Reed.

MSK takes turns tagging and landing vaulting moves on Wilde before tagging Reed, and with the two of them holding Wilde, Reed hits a running splash.

Carter works on Wilde with a headlock, but Wilde turns it into a jawbreaker and tags Escobar, who goes outside.  Carter goes to the top rope and hits a moonsault to the outside.  Wilde, Lee, Mendoza all take turns with vaulting flips to the outside.  Reed then hits a suicide dive through the ropes onto all of them.

They eventually get back in the ring, and Legado del Fantasma takes over.  All three take turns working on Lee, culminating with Escobar hitting a brainbuster on him and then Wilde being lifting by his partners for a running 450 splash for two.

Lee makes a desperate tag to Reed, who cleans house.  He knocks down each man before hitting Wilde and Mendoza with a running splash into the corner and then getting both men on his shoulders for a double Samoan drop.

Reed taunts Escobar, but Mendoza low chops him and tags Escobar, who hits a Michenoku Driver.  The pin is broken when Carter superkicks Escobar off of him.

Wilde and Mendoza then double team Carter and go for the pin, but Lee senton flips over the top rope onto them to break it.

On the outside, Reed splashes Escobar through the crowd barrier, essentially taking him out of the match.

In the ring, MSK hits a double turnbuckle neckbreaker, followed by a Tsunami by Reed for the pinfall.

Winners and still champions: MSK and Bronson Reed

Next, we see earlier in the day when Kyle O'Reilly is arriving at the arena.  He gets into it with Austin Theory and Johnny Gargano in the parking lot, and they're separated by security.

We now go to the Toddster, who is trying to use a VCR to show us a tape of how the Mercedes Martinez and Xia Li feud started.  McKenzie shows up to remind him it's all digital now, and it's actually kind of a funny segment.

NXT TakeOver: In Your House Recap
Todd Pettengill and McKenzie Mitchell, courtesy of WWE.

Mercedes Martinez vs Xia Li

They immediately go right at each other and tackle each other to the outside.  Li kicks Martinez in the ribs, but she rallies, and they go back inside.  Martinez overpowers Li and slams her.  Li is quicker, though, and gets her in a hold through the ropes.  She then gets Martinez outside again and stomps her before dropping her on the apron.

NXT TakeOver: In Your House Recap
Martinez vs. Li, courtesy of WWE.

They get back inside, and Li keeps up the stomps.  She gets Martinez in the corner and wraps her around the post.  Martinez tries fighting back, but Li whips her into the corner.  She then hits a hard dropkick to knock her through the ropes to the outside.

Li gets her on the post and tries a kick, but Martinez dodges, and Li kicks the post.  They both get back in the ring and catch their breath.  Martinez and Li trade punches and kicks, but Li knees her in her hurt ribs and drops her.  Li tries to Irish whip her, but Martinez counters with an underhook suplex.

Martinez tries to take over, but Li responds with another midsection kick.  Li goes to the turnbuckle, but Martinez catches her and hits a cliffhanger for two.

Martinez then knees Li in the jaw and then hits a running jumping knee.  Boa grabs Li and pulls her outside.  Martinez confronts him outside, allowing Li to run at her, but Martinez gets a back body drop on her.

They get back in the ring, and Martinez lifts Li on her shoulder, but Li sneaks out and hits a spinning roundhouse kick for the pinfall.

Winner: Xia Li

After the match, Li yells something at Boa, and he throws her a chair.  As she lifts it to hit Martinez, she kicks her legs out from under her.  Martinez then grabs the chair, and as Boa tries to enter the ring, she clobbers him with it.  She then beats Li with the chair and hits Boa again as he gets up.

She continues to beat Li, but we see Mei Ying rise from her chair and approach her.  Martinez challenges her, and Ying grabs her by the throat and throws her off the stage and into the barrier.

We now have a backstage promo from Tommaso Ciampa and Timmothy Thatcher, where they explode in rage and threaten Grizzled Young Veterans about what they're going to do to them on Tuesday night in their match.

Cameron Grimes vs. LA Knight – Ladder Match for the Million Dollar Championship

They lock up hard and grapple each other all over the ring.  Knight plants Grimes with a hard shoulder smash.  As he taunts the crowd, Grimes gets up and drops him.  He then plants Knights with a clothesline and hits a series of sidekicks.  As Knight runs at him, Grimes hits him with a hurricanrana.

NXT TakeOver: In Your House Recap
Grimes vs. Knight for the Million Dollar title, courtesy of WWE.

Knight goes outside and grabs a ladder.  Grimes goes after him, and he drops Grimes off the apron.  He then leaps in the ring and throws the ladder at him, but Grimes dodges.

Knight gets a ladder and sets it up in the ring.  Grimes runs in, and they knock each other off.  They each grab the ladder and whip each other around with it.

They then each grab their own ladder and begin dueling with them.  Knight goes outside, and again they each grab the ladder, but Grimes thrusts it and nails Knight into the crowd barrier with it.  He then hits a running kick on Knight from the apron.

Grimes goes outside, but Knight slams him into the barrier and then hits him in the face with a ladder.  Knight stomps on Grimes and again slams him into the barrier.

He tries again, but Grimes reverses and slams Knight into the barrier.  Knight rallies, though, and throws Grimes hard into the opposite side's barrier.  He then gets the extra tall ladder and sets it up on the apron and barrier.  They get back in the ring, and Knight plants Grimes with a vaulting shoulder tackle.

Knight goes to slam Grimes into a ladder in the corner, but Grimes reverses, and German suplexes him into the ladder.  Grimes then gets the ladder and hits Knight with it.  He goes to low-blow Knight with the ladder, but Knight dodges and hits a neckbreaker on Grimes onto the ladder.

Knight gets another extra tall ladder and brings it in the ring.  He sets it up, but Grimes kicks him through it.  Grimes uppercuts Knight and tries to Irish whip him, but Knight reverses and whips Grimes into the ladder.

Knight sets up another ladder on the top turnbuckle.  He tries to whip Grimes into it, but Grimes reverses, and Knight hits it face-first.  Grimes then lights him up with a ton of kicks to the chest.  Knight pulls him down and tries a running strike, but Grimes back body drops him onto the ladder.

Grimes whips Knight over the top rope and onto the ladder stretched across the apron to the barrier.  Grimes yells, "I want the gold!" and grabs a gold ladder to bring into the ring.  He sets it up in the ring and climbs up, but Knight climbs too, and they start punching each other at the top.

Grimes knocks Knight off, but Knight pushes the ladder over, crashing Grimes onto the ropes.  Knight leans a ladder onto the ropes as Grimes crawls to the ramp.  He then sets up another ladder outside the ropes and connects the ladders.  They fight around the ringside area and wind up in front of Ted DiBiase, who's sitting at ringside.

Grimes climbs the ladder on the outside, but Knight pushes it over.  Grimes leaps from the ladder onto the scaffolding and then jumps from it onto Knight.

Grimes runs into the ring and climbs the ladder, but Knight grabs him and tries to powerbomb him.  Grimes reverses and hurricanranas him over the top rope.

Grimes again runs up the ladder, but Knight grabs the ladder and lifts it to dump Grimes onto the ladder set up on the outside.  Knight climbs the ladder and grabs the Million Dollar title to win.

Winner and new Million Dollar Champion: LA Knight

After, Ted DiBiase hands the Million Dollar belt to Knight, who celebrates in the ring.

We now go to Todd, who is pitching merch like it's 1996.  He's interrupted by Hit Row, who debuts their new t-shirt and their new single.

We now cut to a big fight backstage between Pete Dunne and Karrion Kross, as they're being separated by security and NXT Commissioner William Regal.

Ember Moon vs. Raquel Gonzalez – NXT Women's Championship

Moon hits a quick dropkick and hurricanrana.  Gonzalez swings at her, but Moon is quick and avoids it.  Moon tries a running splash, but Gonzalez knocks her out of the air.  Moon goes to the apron and is distracted by Dakota Kai when Gonzalez knocks her from the apron into the barrier.  She then goes outside and slams her into the barrier again.

NXT TakeOver: In Your House Recap
Moon vs. Gonzalez for the NXT Women's title, courtesy of WWE.

They get back inside, and Gonzalez takes over.  She slams Moon into the corner and tries a scoop slam, but Moon sneaks out, and Gonzalez just hits her right back down. Gonzalez then hits a side slam, and a corkscrew splash from the second rope.

Gonzalez stretches Moon in a Canadian backbreaker and goes for the pin to only get two.  Moon starts to fight back and superkicks Gonzalez and then hits her with a series of kicks and a step-up enziguri.  Moon hits another superkick and then a hard punch to knock Gonzalez down.

She hits a Code Red and tries the pin but gets two.  Moon then applies a backward Texas Cloverleaf, but Kai puts Gonzalez's hands on the rope to break it. Gonzalez rolls out of the ring, but Moon hits a suicide dive to knock her into the announce table.

Moon bashes Gonzalez's head into the table.  They get back in the ring, and Moon goes to the top rope, when Kai again distracts her, allowing Gonzalez to hit a superplex on Moon for a two-count.

Gonzalez tries a one-arm powerbomb, but Moon reverses for a pin attempt for two. Gonzalez then big boots Moon for her own two-count. Gonzalez lifts Moon for a vertical suplex, but Moon reverses into an Eclipse.  She then goes up top and hits a flying Codebreaker on Gonzalez.  She goes up again and hits a full Eclipse and pins her, but Kai puts her foot on the rope.

Shotzi Blackheart shows up then and begins beating the hell out of Kai all around ringside and up the stage.

Gonzalez crawls to the apron, and Moon hits her with a top-rope tornado DDT on the ramp.  Moon rolls her back in the ring and only gets a two-count.

Moon goes back to the top turnbuckle and tries the Eclipse, but Gonzalez reverses into a badly botched tilt-a-whirl into a snake eyes and then hits the single-arm powerbomb for the pinfall.

Winner and still NXT Women's champion: Raquel Gonzalez

Back to Todd now, where he's having a good old game of Karate Fighters against Dexter Lumis.  Todd asks him how the women are treating him these days, and Lumis grabs the game figure and smashes it.

As Gargano is making his way to the entranceway, we see Moon & Blackheart brawling backstage with Kai & Gonzalez.  Regal and security arrive and hold them all apart.

Fatal 5-Way for the NXT Championship

It's a brawl off the bell as O'Reilly takes Cole to the outside, and Dunne knocks Gargano out of the ring, only to take of Kross.  Kross knocks Dunne out, and O'Reilly enters to take him on.  They exchange punches and kicks before O'Reilly tries a toe-hold.  Kross breaks out and now takes on Gargano.

NXT TakeOver: In Your House Recap
Karrion Kross defends the NXT title against Johnny Gargano, Kyle O'Reilly, Pete Dunne, and Adam Cole, courtesy of WWE.

Gargano tries a hold and hits a head-scissors, but Kross takes it and slams him.  Cole arrives now, and low dropkicks him down. Cole goes to the apron, but the other three men pull him down and beat on him.  Kross grabs Cole and drags him back inside.

They all file in, and Kross takes them all out.  He suplexes Dunne and then grabs Gargano and suplexes both of them.

He tries to powerbomb O'Reilly, but he reverses to hit a series of Muay Thai kicks on Kross.  Cole enters the ring and goes at it with O'Reilly.  O'Reilly locks Cole in an armbar, and then Dunne locks O'Reilly in an armbar.  Kross gets in and wrecks them all.

Kross sees Cole sneaking away on the stage and goes after him.  The others follow, and Dunne and Gargano tackle Kross through the front door of the house set.

Cole sneaks back in the ring and goes to work on O'Reilly, hitting a running boot and

Gargano and Dunne break it up.  Dunne plants Cole into O'Reilly in the corner and then goes for the Bitter End on Gargano, but it's reversed into a DDT.

All four get up and hit each other with a series of strikes until they're all out on the mat.  Cole and O'Reilly get to their feet first and trade fists.  O'Reilly gets an ankle lock on, but Kross drags O'Reilly outside, and then Cole follows and gets Northern Lights suplexed.

Kross slams every man over the crowd barrier, except Gargano, whom he double choke lifts onto the apron.  They get in the ring, and Kross hits him with an F5 for two.

Kross lifts Gargano up, but Gargano uses Cole to leap off of and tornado DDTs Kross.  He then hits a running dive to the outside onto O'Reilly and a tornado DDT on Dunne on the outside.

He gets back in the ring and trades shots with Cole.  Cole goes for the Panama Sunrise, but Gargano reverses it for a pin attempt and gets two.

All of them except Kross get in the ring and exchange moves with kick assists.  Cole superkicks a German suplex, and Gargano kicks a backdrop.

Kross enters the ring and clotheslines each man into the corner.  They all exchange a series of shots then, with Kross hitting a big lariat to end it.

Kross then German suplexes everyone except Dunne, who flips out of it.  They all kick Kross then, and he winds up on the apron, where Cole superkicks him.  Cole and O'Reilly then double powerbomb Kross onto the announce table.

The other four get in the ring and start brawling.  O'Reilly and Dunne lock in submissions but toss the men aside and start fighting.  O'Reilly tries a suplex, but Dunne turns it into a guillotine.  Cole breaks it up and hits a neckbreaker on O'Reilly for two.

Dunne tries a moonsault from the top rope but gets double-superkicked by Cole and Gargano.  Gargano then locks bother Dunne and O'Reilly in a double crossface, but Cole breaks it.

O'Reilly then hits Gargano with a series of strikes and a brainbuster.  He goes up top, but Cole throws him off to the outside and hits Panama Sunrise to Gargano for the pin, but Dunne breaks it and hits a brainbuster on Cole on the outside.  He then locks eyes with Kross, who is back up.

Dunne goes in the ring and challenges him.  Kross follows, and they trade shots until Dunne hits the Bitter End on Kross for two.  He then gets Kross with a triangle choke, but all of the others dive in the break it up.

Dunne takes out Gargano and O'Reilly and then bends Cole's fingers when Kross grabs them both and double Saito suplexes them.

Kross grabs Dunne in a sleeper hold, but Dunne grabs his fingers.  Gargano knocks Dunne off, and Kross locks Gargano in a sleeper.  Cole kicks him off, and then O'Reilly kicks Cole.

O'Reilly rolls up Kross, but Cole superkicks him off.  O'Reilly gets Cole in a leg lock, but Kross locks a sleeper on O'Reilly while he keeps the hold on.  O'Reilly passes out and releases the hold, and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner and still NXT champion: Karrion Kross

After the match, Kross and Scarlett pose with the title in the ring as all of his opponents are in pain on the outside.

NXT TakeOver: In Your House Recap
Karrion Kross retains the NXT title, courtesy of WWE.

Backstage, McKenzie tries to interview Regal as he walks outside to the parking lot.  He says he's been GM of NXT for seven years, and he's never seen so much chaos.  He ends it by saying, "I think it's time for a change," as he walks off and the event ends.

Not a bad show, but it also felt a bit scatter-brained, and some of the matches had rushed endings.

Till next time friends!

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