Raw Ratings This Week Prove Retribution Successful in Ruining WWE

It looks like Retribution is successful in its mission of destroying WWE after all. Since the debut of the Thunderdome, every episode of Monday Night Raw has heavily featured Retribution. Every episode has lost a significant number of viewers, culminating in last week's Thunderdome Era low point for the episode in which we Retribution debuted in the ring, and we learned the cool names of the group's male members — T-Bar, Mace, and Slapjack. But this week, Retribution had very little presence, with only a recap video and a single instance of lights flickering. As a result, Raw viewership and ratings shot right back up to the third-highest number since June.

The official logo for WWE Monday Night Raw. Credit: WWE.
The official logo for WWE Monday Night Raw. Credit: WWE.

Raw Ratings and Viewership Increase

Raw this week drew 1.822 million total viewers, up from 1.667 million viewers last week. The individual hours of Raw drew 1.956 million viewers, 1.824 million viewers, and 1.687 million viewers, respectively. In the 18-49 demographic, Raw scored a .55 on average, up from a .50 last week. The individual hours scored a .58, a .54, and a .52, earning Raw the fourth, fifth, and seventh spots on the top 150 cable shows as ranked by Showbuzz Daily.

The Bottom Line 'Cause Chad Said So

When Retribution debuted, I thought they were just having fun in the storyline, but clearly, this is serious business, and Retribution is really affecting Raw's viewership with their antics. I'm not sure what to do about it since I do enjoy Retribution, but I base my own self-worth as a person on how well WWE shows are doing in the ratings, so obviously, I don't want Retribution to show up if they continue to drag the ratings down. Maybe WWE could trade Retribution to AEW? I ran that idea past Keighleyanne, and she rolled her eyes, so I don't think she thinks AEW would be into it. I did tell her to be ready for some sexy time in the bedroom tonight since I'm feeling pretty good about the ratings this week, but I think maybe she should get a COVID test because she looked pretty sick after I told her. Oh well. The Chadster can always enjoy WWE's ratings victory by himself if need be.

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