Raw Underground, Poison, and Non-Political Antifa Equals WWE Ratings

The numbers are in, and it's official: Raw Underground equals ratings. Also, poisoning Montez Ford so he collapses before and during a match equals ratings. And also, having non-political Antifa protestors in hoodies throw firebombs at a transformer equals ratings. I'm not making judgments here. The numbers speak for themselves.

WWE Raw 8/3/20 Part 4 - And Then it All Went Horribly, Horribly Wrong (Image: WWE)
WWE Raw 8/3/20 Part 4 – And Then it All Went Horribly, Horribly Wrong (Image: WWE)

Raw Underground Equals Raw Viewership

ShowBuzz Daily has released the Monday cable rankings and WWE's viewership grew for all three hours. Last week, the show averaged 1.617 million viewers across its three hours, which was the second-lowest viewership ever for Raw. But this week, the viewership averaged 1.715 million viewers from hours of 1.710 million, 1.824 million, and 1.610 million. Those aren't the worst numbers ever, so it's hard to call that anything but a major win.

Young People Love Non-Political Antifa

In terms of the 18-49 demographic, those crazy kids dug what Raw was doing last night as well. Raw averaged a .51 across all three hours, up from a .48 last week. The first hour of raw scored a .48, the second hour scored a .55, and the third a .51. So it seems that the gritty concept unveiled by Shane McMahon along with referencing recent protests and social unrest (in a non-political way) and poisoning one of the street profits resonated with young people more than anyone else!

The Bottom Line 'Cause Chad Said So

Well, who's doubting the genius of Vince McMahon after tonight's total victory? A lot of people were making fun of WWE yesterday as reports circulated the company was in chaos, rewriting the show at the last minute. And then people made fun of the finished product as if Shane McMahon hosting grim and gritty unsanctioned matches in a warehouse with go-go dancers wasn't cooler than whatever you would have been doing on Monday Night if you weren't watching Raw. People mocked Ryan Satin for doing his job as a reporter by compliantly repeating WWE's message that those Antifa protestors weren't meant to be political. And people even made fun of WWE letting Montez Ford wrestle after supposedly passing out at ringside even though they wouldn't let Daniel Bryan wrestle for years just because he got a bump on the head. But all of those haters were wrong and WWE is well on its way back to pre-pandemic, if not Attitude Era, highs thanks to last night's show. Can you imagine what Vince McMahon could do if he actually wrote the show more than a few hours in advance?

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