Vince McMahon's Large Adult Son Hosts Illegal Fight Club on WWE Raw

In a bizarre turn of events, all of the hype and rumors swirling around the toilet that is the internet wrestling blogosphere today have apparently led up to something called Raw Underground. Raw Underground, is, as far as we can tell, an unsanctioned fight club taking place in a back room of the WWE Performance center in a ring where the ropes have been removed. Oh, and there are go-go dancers, for some reason. It's the brainchild of Shane McMahon.

Raw Underground is Shane McMahon's brainchild.
Raw Underground is Shane McMahon's brainchild.

It started with "technical clitches" like the lights going out and microphones cutting out at the beginning of Raw. Then WWE started showing clips of a security guard standing outside a locked room, wherein Shane McMahon apparently was. Then, as Raw approached the ten-o-clock hour, we saw Shane McMahon in a darkened room where there appeared to be, essentially, a fight club going on.

Then, after ten, after a segment about the Raw Women's Championship, Raw cut to Shane McMahon at Raw Underground. Here's what happened, from tomorrow's Raw report:

Shane McMahon is hosting underground fights in a ring backstage with no ropes. There are go-go dancers. Raw goes to commercials. WTF is this s**t?

Shane McMahon welcomes everyone to Raw Underground and introduces a match. Raymond Dabba-Kato? There are no graphics. He beats the crap out of a much smaller guy. Shane asks who wants to go next. Another small guy takes the challenge, and Dabba-Kato beats him up. The matches end when Shane feels one of the opponents have had enough of Dabba-Kato punching them in the head. Dabba-Kato tosses his opponent from the ring. The go-go dancers dance. Shane asks for the next fighter. And then it's back to the regular Raw announcers, who talk about how great Raw Undnerground was.

The Street Profits come to the ring and cut a promo, but I'm still trying to process this Raw Underground stuff. Angelo Dawkins tries to hit on the girl from The Bachelor I think. And Montez Ford makes fun of Angel Garza's track suit. At SummerSlam, the Street Profits are gonna win or something. They want the smoke. You know the deal. But seriously, what the hell is going on with this Raw Underground thing?

Well, it's different for sure. And there's already at least one person who's looking forward to seeing what tonight inspired:

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