Report: Linda McMahon in the Doghouse with President Donald Trump?

In a stunning role reversal for the powerful McMahon family, Linda McMahon looks to be in the doghouse with President Donald Trump over accusations that the America First Super PAC, which McMahon leads, did a poor job during the 2020 presidential campaign, contributing to Trump's embarrassing election loss. The McMahon family contributed heavily to Trump's two presidential campaigns, as the association between Trump and the McMahon goes back decades. The president is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame. However, in the wake of Joe Biden's election win, a loss the president has not yet publicly accepted, no one is safe from blame.

The McMahons were once trusted friends of President Donald Trump, but their failure to help him win reelection created backstage heat, according to a report.
According to a report, the McMahons were once trusted friends of President Donald Trump, but their failure to help him win reelection created backstage heat.

"With all due respect to Linda, who has contributed generously to the president's cause, there is no compelling reason to keep this group alive after Biden is sworn in. They did a subpar job in 2020, and if the president decides to run again, there are other groups that are better positioned and better organized to assist him," said an anonymous source said to be "close to Trump," according to a report from Politico.

Despite Trump's alleged displeasure with the group, the report claims America First Action plans to stick around to defend the president and his flunkies, such as disgraced former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani, from legal attacks after Trump is out of office. However, Trump's agenda's main work will be carried out by a new network of Super PACs established by Trump and his large adult children. In the final weeks of the ill-fated presidential race, Linda McMahon contributed $10,000,000 of her own money to the PAC in hopes of scoring a victory for Trump, though as we now know, it wasn't enough.

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