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Rhett & Link Gave Their Mythical Best During MythiCon 2022 Livestream

Rhett McLaughlin and Charles "Link" Neal took to the stage for "Rhett & Link Live!" at MythiCon 2022 on Saturday, October 29th, with livestream assistance from Kiswe. The live show was a part of a two-day event from the Mythical team and took place in Austin, TX. I got the opportunity to view the show through Kiswe, who also gave VOD access for individuals after the live showing, which is available through November 6th.

MythiCon's Rhett & Link Gave Their Mythical Best In Livestream
Credit: Mythical

A great part of the introduction to the two-hour live-streamed event was both the acknowledgment, as well as appreciation of the crowds watching at home and promoting the hype for the in-person experience. MythiCon 2022 included an integral part of Good Mythical Morning in their live show, and that was the voice of Stevie Wynne Levine, often heard in videos on their channel. A lot of love was given to their producer, and it was nice to see a crowd hyping up the Mythical team overall. One thing that felt off was what Link chose for pants because the pattern on them seemed to dislike the camera in a way that almost developed an optical illusion. There continued to be a great number of references and inclusion of the most popular aspects of the channel, such as bringing out Chase Hilt as "Chase the Cartographer" for "Where in the world does this Mythical Beast come from?" a twist on a popular game from the channel. 

It was so pure and fantastic seeing the interaction between those from the Mythical crew and fans participating in games. MythiCon 2022 shows off the talent of Rhett and Link as they interact with fans of the show in a moment that can be filled with pressure to perform perfectly. A good choice for the dart game was definitely using suction darts, as those who've watched the channel will understand the typical fear Chase may feel when Link has real darts in hand. Things were obviously well-tested beforehand when it came to the darts, which flew far and fairly direct given the distance Rhett and Link were from the board. It was a great segment of the livestream, and it was truly fun to watch.

The inclusion of music in MythiCon 2022 showed off both the comedic and rhythmic talents of the duo. Some may not know the personal reasons and background behind some songs like "My OCD" and see it as making fun of such mental struggles, but in reality, it does a good job of poking at the nature of people to make light of this struggle. Other musical moments continued to have fun with what could be considered "serious," such as calling on alien lifeforms. There was a great play on the serious and the absurd in life with these moments in the live show. The small hiccups and mistakes just seemed to make the whole experience funnier overall when they sang or chanted. I would have preferred they cut the time of the alien chanting back to make room for more inclusion of what makes their channel great, like others from the Mythical crew. 


Let's get the #MythiCon22 show on the road! (Including the livestream we're rehearsing for 😉)

♬ original sound – Rhett & Link

MythiCon 2022 truly hit it out of the park when Link's dad, Charles Lincoln II, came out as the alien, Darrell, in such a unique and oddly detailed costume that showed some true creative talent. The props and details included in this segment were fantastic. The use of the time machine was great and included the hilarious insight into Rhett and Link's past, which like most of us, can be fairly embarrassing. Honestly, it may have been the funniest segment in the stream, and I loved the switches in people voicing the cardboard cutouts. It's definitely something I hope is brought back when doing this event in the future. In their final song, Rhett and Link gave a lot of love to those watching the stream and confessed a lot of the effort and excitement that went into making the weekend-long event that has been MythiCon 2022.

Rhett & Link Live at MythiCon 2022

MythiCon's Rhett & Link Gave Their Mythical Best In Livestream
Review by Brittney Bender

Rhett & Link Live at MythiCon showcased the talents of a favorite internet duo as they gave their mythical best in a two-hour-long performance and interaction with fans, both in-person and through livestream. The live show could have used more inclusion of segments or games known by fans of the YouTube channel, but for the two hours given, there was plenty of love and laughs there. If there's any online presence who truly loves their fans and gives their all to a live performance, it's Rhett & Link and their Mythical team.

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