Rob Van Dam Done with Impact Wrestling; Buried on the Way Out?

Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes have left Impact Wrestling following the conclusion of their program with Sami Callahan on last week's episode of Impact. Rumors started up over the weekend after people noticed Van Dam and Forbes were no longer listed on the Impact website's roster page, but PWInsider's Mike Johnson confirmed the news on Monday.

Sami Callahan piledrives Katie Forbes during Rob Van Dam's final Impact Wrestling appearance for now.
Sami Callahan piledrives Katie Forbes during Rob Van Dam's final Impact Wrestling appearance for now.

With the emphasis on his storylines coming to an end, it seems that the story being pushed is that the split was amicable, and there's no evidence to say otherwise. However, Impact viewers will recognize that commentator Josh Matthews spent the last few appearances by Van Dam constantly remarking on his age and wondering whether Father Time had finally caught up to the ECW Original and former ECW, WWE, and TNA champion. Implying your opponent is washed up is generally considered a poor move for wrestlers, as it makes you look less impressive when you beat them or terrible if you lose to them. However, it's even stranger coming from the babyface commentator and voice of your show. Of course, it's always possible Impact was building to some storyline with those comments that never came to fruition.

The 49-year-old Van Dam apparently has projects coming up with WWE, though the last time he made a special appearance, he wasn't cleared to wrestle. Sami Callahan came out on top of his feud with Van Dam and Forbes… sort of. Though Callahan lost a match to Van Dam that entitled Katie Forbes to five minutes alone in the ring with him, Callahan managed to turn the tables during that time and deliver a piledriver to Forbes. At this time, neither Van Dam nor Impact have publicly acknowledged his departure from the company.

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