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Jimmy Rave: The Former ROH And TNA Star Has Passed Away At 39
 He moved to TNA in 2007, where he formed the "Rock 'n Rave Infection" faction with Christy Hemme and Lance Rock (now Lance Archer in AEW). Jimmy Rave has passed away at the age of 39, courtesy of IMPACT Wrestling. Jimmy Rave wrestled up until 2020 but was battling a bad drug addiction throughout his career, which led to him[...]
Tommy Dreamer Has Been Suspended Indefinitely By IMPACT Wrestling
I've never seen him try to force his will onto anyone." Viewers were understandably outraged at many of the central figures spoken about in the episode, but there was particular outrage across social media last night and today aimed squarely at Tommy Dreamer, who came across as an aggressively smug chauvinist. With the outrage still high this[...]
Joey Ryan leads the #CancelCulture stable as Joseph P. Ryan in Impact Wrestling
As an encore to suing multiple women who accused of him of sexual misconduct in the #SpeakingOut movement, Joey Ryan is now suing his former employer, Impact Wrestling, for breach of contract Ryan is seeking $10,000,000 in damages plus legal fees in the lawsuit, which was first reported on by PWInsider. The crux of Ryan's lawsuit[...]
Aron Stevens appears as Aron Rex in Impact Wrestling
During the interview, Stevens talked about his experience in WWE and how it's affected his perspective as a booker. Aron Stevens appears as Aron Rex in Impact Wrestling "I try to treat talent with respect, number one, first and foremost, because I know what I didn't like," he said "WWE is a very big company, so you[...]
Ace Austin, Karl Anderson, Josh Alexander, and Alex Shelley faced off in a four-way match at Victory Road.
Bleeding Cool's live results and analysis of Impact Wrestling's Victory Road special continues, as fast as we can keep up with it We're getting into the Ace Austin and Madman Fulton come out first Then The North The Good Brothers come out, and they have big tall cans of their own beer (or, more accurately, labels[...]
Sami Callahan piledrives Katie Forbes during Rob Van Dam's final Impact Wrestling appearance for now.
Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes have left Impact Wrestling following the conclusion of their program with Sami Callahan on last week's episode of Impact Rumors started up over the weekend after people noticed Van Dam and Forbes were no longer listed on the Impact website's roster page, but PWInsider's Mike Johnson confirmed the news[...]
How WWE, AEW and Impact Collaboration Can Re-Invigorate Wrestling
There's no reason given how these uncertain times how the major three wrestling organizations in World Wrestling Entertainment, All Elite Wrestling, and Impact Wrestling couldn't work together in some capacity As rigid as WWE is about their IP and how they throw their weight around as the gold standard for the industry, the business hasn't[...]
Tommy Dreamer & Crazzy Steve SHOCK Moose & Rohit Raju! | IMPACT Highlights July 14, 2020
The first hour of Impact Wrestling was, frankly, a letdown compared to the quality of recent weeks Some of that couldn't be helped considering Impact pre-filmed all of this stuff and then had to part ways with Tessa Blanchard, Joey Ryan, and Michael Elgin, the latter two in the wake of #SpeakingOut allegations and Blanchard[...]
10-Woman Knockouts Tag Team Match Goes OFF THE RAILS! | IMPACT! Highlights July 14, 2020
Impact Wrestling Slammiversary is just a few days away It's the most anticipated wrestling PPV happening this weekend Who knows how many fired WWE midcarders will show up? One of them might even become the new Impact World Champion! What else can Impact do to sell the PPV? Let's find out on the go-home show. The[...]
Impact Wrestling Announces New Main Event for Slammiversary
With last week's announcement that Impact Wrestling had parted ways with their World Champion, Tessa Blanchard, the status of the main event of the upcoming Slammiversary PPV was up in the air However, on Tuesday's episode of Impact, at the start of the show, Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne laid out the new plan Instead[...]
The official logo of Impact Wrestling.
Following news that Impact Wrestling has terminated its contract with World Champion Tessa Blanchard, and after suspending him due to allegations surfaced as part of the #SpeakingOut movement, Impact has now effectively parted ways with Michael Elgin as well "IMPACT Wrestling has announced that Michael Elgin will not appear in any further IMPACT Wrestling programming,"[...]
The official logo of Impact Wrestling.
Impact Wrestling was meant to open with a match between #CancelCulture and Crazzy Steve (plus mystery opponents, who are rumored to have been The Rascalz) However, Impact spent Monday editing the show to remove any reference to Joey Ryan after he had the dubious honor of having the highest number of misconduct allegations leveled against[...]
Joey Ryan leads the #CancelCulture stable as Joseph P. Ryan in Impact Wrestling
Ryan in Impact Wrestling Amidst #SpeakingOut posts from wrestlers, journalists, industry professionals, and fans, Ryan has been the subject of a wide range of allegations Danielle Matheson, Uproxx reporter and former editor of Uproxx's pro wrestling section, With Spandex, accused Ryan of sexual assault in a blog post Wrestler Rok-C accused Ryan of flirting with her[...]