Sam the Cooking Guy & His Recipes: YouTube Creator Spotlight

Chef and restaurant owner of the San Diego-based Not Not Tacos Sam Zien has been publishing videos on his YouTube channel, Sam the Cooking Guy, since July 22nd, 2011. Here's a look at where he started, what his channel has to offers, and what he is doing now.

Cooking video still. Credit: Sam the Cooking Guy's YouTube
Cooking video still. Credit: Sam the Cooking Guy's YouTube

Sam the Cooking Guy is the antidote to personality-driven TV chefs who show off recipes with prohibitive ingredients that look better on a plate than they actually taste. As an everyman sort of chef, Sam makes meals that real people not only want to try but can also conceivably make at home. Producing how-to videos with his son Max behind the camera, the Canadian-born, San Diego-living Sam speaks casually to his viewers as he walks them through meals. With a bit of fusion and a lot of genuine invention in his recipes, Sam turns recipe videos of dishes such as Garlic Bread Chicken Parm, French Onion Grilled Cheese, and Fried Chicken Breakfast Sandwiches into what feels like a hangout session with a cool, especially culinarily-talented, friend.

Sam the Cooking Guy's channel started with longer-form content such as a "livecast" and extended indoor cooking videos, but it began to find its own unique voice when he took the show outside to his backyard. The only problem with Sam's channel now, though, is that it should not, under any circumstances, be watched on an empty stomach if you don't have a full set of ingredients in the house.

The top five most viewed videos on the Sam the Cooking Guy channel include:

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